P.O. Box: OO-ZDM?

In August 2007 I received a picture by Stefan De Sutter of OO-ZDM, a Siren C.305 Edelweiss. According to my logs I noted this sailplane at Schaffen-Diest, in 1981. I decided to have a closer look at my pictures because the V-tailed plane was that rare, that I should have remembered or pictured it somehow. And it turned out I had to correct, after 26 years, my log. It had been OO-ZOM, a very common K.8B, luckily partly visible behind Piper OO-GDG. From the picture it is clear that a misread was not unlikely. And also the painting itself of this “O” seems to have been a difficult task on that angular hulk. OO-ZDM was destroyed, but this OO-ZOM is still around at Schaffen, with the Diest Aero Club.

OO-ZDM/PL-79, probably at Zoersel 

OO-ZOM at Schaffen-Diest, EBDT 19810719


  • OO-ZOM, still with the Diest Aero Club (DAC)

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