Some background type info on the handsome Hoffmanns and Diamonds that are in my list (see list)

Diamond started when, in 1981, Wolf Hoffmann started Hoffmann Flugzeugbau in Friesach, Austria to build the H36 Dimona, an all-composite motor glider.

D-KWHN at Neumagen (EDRD) 20020720

Next came, in 1985, the H36 Dimona MK II, when Hoffmann was taken over by SGP AG.
HOAC Austria Flugzeugwerke started in 1989 with the management buy-out, while moving the factory to Wiener Neustadt (LOAN), and starting to build the HK36 Super Dimona. The K stands for Dieter Köhler, who co-designed this version.

In 1991 the name changed into Diamond Aircraft Industries, while in 1992 a subsidiary whas opened in Canada, developping the DA20-A1 Katana, which went into production in 1994. In 1993 this type went into production in Austria as DV20 Katana.
Types in production are DA20-A1-80 (Rotax 912) and DA20-A1-100 (Rotax 912S), and DA20-C1-Evolution and DA20-C1-Eclipse, engined with a Teledyne Continental IO-240-B3B.

F-GNJB at St-Cyr l’Ecole (LFPZ) 20010113

In 1997 development started on the DA40V1 Diamond Star, which first flew on 5 November 1997, with a Rotax 914. It went into production in 2000 as DA40-180 Diamond Star, engined with a 180HP Lycoming IO-360. The Dieseled DA40TDI first flew in 2001, engined with a Thielert Centurion of 135HP.
Types in production are DA40, DA40D, DA40F (fixed prop) and DA40NG (with an Astro Engine, as from the DA42) and a version de-luxe DA40XL

PH-USX at Lelystad (EHLE) 20020831
Also in 2001 development started on the DA42 Twin Star, which first flew on 9 December 2002. Further developed as DA42NG, with AE300 engines, sepcially designed for this type.

In 2003 development started on the D-Jet, a small bizjet which first flew in 2008. Hopefully I will soon have a chance to log it somewhere. Perhaps Le Bourget, in 2011.

In 2007 the five-seat single engined DA50 SuperStar was developped, which first flew on 4 April 2007. A further development, DA50 Magnum, flew 14 May 2008.


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