LFPI: Héliport Paris – Issy

While for a business meeting in Paris I had a day off. What better to do then to visit some airports? There are many of them surrounding Paris, most under supervision of the ADP, Aèroports de Paris.

I travelled by underground to Balard, the end station for line 8. It’s only a few minutes walk then to the Héliport Paris, which lies next to the Péripherique, in the suburb Issy-les-Moulineaux. See the full report. F-GIGL was just coming in.

When asked for permission to take pictures on the field itself, the friendly officials told me I had to ask each individual owner. The only entrance open to me that day was at Heli Paris. There I got kindly permission to shoot some pictures.

The other entrances were not accessible. So unfortunaty I was unable to shoot proper pictures from SE-HSF, a Bell 222A which was departing just as I was heading for the RER station. Probably on delivery after a lease in France. I also couldn’t get a good picture of F-GMHZ, apparantly a brand new EC.120. Both helis are visible in the background of some pictures, see the report. From behind the fence I was able to take a picture of F-GECM, a white bodied AS.350.

While at the RER station of Issy, around 12.05 p.m., a heli arrived. Allthough it passed over low, I was unable to spot its registration. I even didn’t identify the type. What kind of a spotter am I anyhow…


  • ADP Aeroports de Paris

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