A future with e-flying comes closer

Today saw the Channel crossing of a fully electrically powered aircraft, Airbus’ E-Fan, F-WILE. Which makes me wonder when large commercial airliners will crossing the skies. But anyhow, this is a start. According to Airbus’ roadmap in 2018 a commercial E-Fan 2.0 will be ready for market, followed in 2019 by a slightly larger E-Fan 4.0.

See also my older post on the Paris Airshow 2013.

The E-Fan is not the first to cross the Channel. Yesterday Hugues Duval, with his modified Cri-Cri F-PZTU, was. Taking off on top of Broussard F-GDPX, a combination known as the Breton Shuttle, a development from the 90s by his father, Yves Duval.

Examples of above mentioned aircraft that I logged over time:

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