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Last two years I was primarily busy with scanning and uploading old pictures as well as updating the underlying databases. Incoming mails which would have added additional flavour to these pages had unfortunately to wait a little. My appologies to all mailers. Be assured that input is very much wellcome! So, if you have additonal info on planes that are in my logs, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail! See the contact details in the footer.

In 1983 I logged a MU-2 at Rotterdam with a splendid colour scheme (see full log). In September 2006 I received several mails from Nicola Laurenzi about this same plane, accompanied with some of his pictures.

The MU-2 is a very handsome Japanes twin-engined turboprop design from the pre-bizjet era. Design on the MU-2 started in 1956, first aircraft to fly was in 1963.

I-FRTL, cn 454SA, is a 1981 built Mitsubishi MU-2B-40 Solitaire in use with Ettore Bugatti Car from Bolzano. And no wonder that its italian CEO did use this type with this particular colour scheme for traveling around in Europe.

A large assembling facility was set up in 1967 in the USA, in San Angelo, Texas. Hence the additional “S.A.” to the construction number. Production was ended in 1986.

Following two pictures were taken by Nicola Laurenzi at Bolzano, back in 1991. He flew many times as a passenger with this plane.

I-FRTL at Bolzano (LIPB) in 1991

On a cold winterday in February 1983 I logged and pictured this handsome MU-2 at Rotterdam. The red Bugatti emblem not yet on its tail.


I-FRTL, EHRD 19830223

As this aircraft model has a very good economic performance, it is still widely being used. I-FRTL became N19GA around 1995, and was recently sold by Air 1st Aviation, based at Aiken, South Carolina, for around $ 875,000. Air 1st Aviation is world wide specialised in MU-2.

Here some recent pictures from their website, also showing instrument panel and interior of N19GA.

N19GA on sale with Air 1st Aviation at Aiken NC, USA, 2008


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