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This overview summarizes the most common Airliners that I logged since 1973, grouped by manufacturer, model or family of models.

Model familyExample
Aerospatiale-Aeritalia ATR42-72LY-ETM at EHAM 20120530
Airbus 300-310F-WUAD at EGLF 19780908
Airbus 318-321F-GFKJ at LFPG(1) 20030902
Airbus 330-340A7-HHK at LFPB 20100918
BAe.146YL-BAL at EKCH 20000604
Bae/BAC 1-11G-ASJG at EGPF 19780909
BN2AD-IFBN at EDWB 20130817
Boeing B.707-720G-AZKM at EHRD(2) 19760303
Boeing B.727N356PA at EGGW 19780907
Boeing B.737G-AZNZ at EHRD(2) 19781130
Boeing B.747G-AWNB at EGPK 19780910
Boeing B.757TF-FIH at LFPG 20030113
Boeing B.767N184DN at LIRP 20080802
Boeing B.777N78002 at KEWR 20140716
Bombardier / DHC.8LN-WFP at ENKB 20120602
Bombardier CL-600 CRJD-ACLT at LFPG(1) 20000914
Dornier Do.328G-BYML at EGLC 20041103
Embraer 135/145F-GUBD at EHAM 20040113
Embraer 190/195OO-JEB at EBBR 20130921
Fairchild SA226/227D-CNAC at EHRD 20160903
Fokker F. 275A-DBS at EHRD(1) 19780818
Fokker F. 28PH-SIX at EHRD 19781108
Fokker F. 50PH-OSI at EHLE 20030906
Fokker F. 70/100EC-IPV at LEMH 20070805
McD /DC-8C-FTJP at EGPK 19780910
McD /DC-9PH-MAO at EHRD 19790118
McD DC-10/MD11PH-DTC at EHAM 19771116
SNCA SE 210F-BJTJ at EHRD 19810325
Vickers ViscountG-AZLS at EHRD(1) 19800212