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This overview summarizes the most common Gliders that I logged since 1973, grouped by manufacturer, model or family of models. Click, if available, this image for a more detailed picture.

Model familyExample
Centrair 101  F-CFRK at LFOY 20170607
Grob 102PH-609 at EHHO 19830701
Grob 103  PH-718 at EHLW 20160611
Rolladen-Schneider LS4PH-716 at EHHV 19830626
Rolladen-Schneider LS6  F-CGUS at LFFC 20190608
Rolladen-Schneider LS8PH-1342 at EHVK 20090620
Scheibe Bergfalke5824 at Istanbul Museum 20150510
Scheibe Spatz  F-CDLX at LFOY 20170607
Schempp-Hirth CS.11BGA2091 at London – Science Museum 20110821
Schempp-Hirth DiscusPH-1210 at EHLE 20030906
Schleicher 04PH-251 at EHTL 19760717
Schleicher 06PH-381 at EHLV 19830618
Schleicher 07PH-1239 at EHVK 20090620
Schleicher 08PH-394 at EHHO 19830701
Schleicher 13D-0461 at LFYG 20110510
Schleicher 21PH-1097 at EHKD 20070915
Schleicher 25D-1529 at LFYG 20110510
Schneider DFS 108-49 Grunau BabyOO-ZIO at EBWE 19810717