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This overview summarizes the most common Twin Engined a/c that I logged since 1973, grouped by manufacturer, model or family of models.

Model familyExample
Beagle B.206 BassettG-AWRO at EHRD 19780505
Beechcraft 55G-ASIR at EHRD 19760728
Beechcraft 58G-BBSD at EHRD 19780214
Beechcraft 65G-ASXV at EHRD 19780228
Beechcraft 200PH-BGY at EHRD 19800127
Cessna 310PH-VWM at EHRD 19780308
Cessna 337D-IDPA at EDRT 20020716
Cessna 340OO-DKE at EHTE 19810625
Cessna 401HB-LFU at EHRD 19780302
Cessna 402OY-BUC at EHRD 19760728
Cessna 404PH-MPC at EHRD 19821227
Cessna 414D-IMUK at EHRD 19810422
Cessna 421G-BFFM at EHRD 19780308
Mitsubishi MU2OY-ARV at EKRK 19840823
Partenavia P.68I-RAIT at LFPB 20030622
Piaggio P.180N696MH at KMTH 20140801
Piper PA.27N63813 at EGPF 19780909
Piper PA.30G-ASSP at EHRD 19780721
Piper PA.31-300/310N3530B at KMTH 20140801
Piper PA.31-350XT-ABH at EHRD(2) 19790208
Piper PA.31PPH-DDH at EHRD 19830427
Piper PA.31TPH-CAM at EHRD 19790718
Piper PA.34PH-FEJ at EHRD 19780428
Piper PA.44PH-SYB at EHRD(2) 19781123
Piper PA.61G-RACE at EHRD 19791122
Rockwell Commander RC/AC 690N81767 at EGLF 19780908