LIQS: Siena & LIRP: Pisa

I just have updated the underlying database. So most recent logs, as well as corrections/additions are now available. See at right for links to logs. Logs for 2008 now also contain Siena and Pisa. Unfortunately the C130s and C27Js could not (yet?) been identified.

Pictures for these logs now have also been added.

I-EBSS inside the Aeroclob hangar at Siena

5 unidentified C27Js, former G222s

Emmen – Heli-Holland

A quick visit, and a kind permission to look around in the Heli-Holland hangars was a nice opportunity to spot some helis. See the full report for this heli field in Emmer-Compascuum.

At first, two helis remained unidentified, an unmarked H300C and an unidentified type, which had N11ZH on the instrument panel.

Info I did receive from Jack Wolbrink identified the H300C as PH-OTO.

unidentified H300CPH-OTO

unknown type N11ZH

ATC simulator

N11ZH on instrument panel is not a registration, but the type for this ATC simulator.
Airframe is an Agusta built Bell 47J, whicht had a hoist equipment. It is probably an ex Spanish Navy heli, perhaps c/n 2096 marked HD.11-3. This info was received via Jos Stevens and UKcopter.

EHHV: A Log from Hilversum

Initially I had in mind for this airblog to use it for publicing first drafts of  logs, as a quick way to publish. Final versions take a long time before I am able to publish.

It could look like this (the final report is here):

EHHV 9:15-9:45

Lord Extra?

N9123X, readying for departure

PH-BEG PA-28-181
PH-AFG Rallye 150ST c/n 3174
N21246 C.172M FAA – c/n 17263914, issued 19931108, MFR 1974, AW 19740910, (based Zeeland?)
PH-BRT TB-9 Tampico c/n 125, ex F-GCOC
D-KBKB Hoffman HK36R S-Dimona c/n 36323
D-KVOK Hoffman HK36TTC Dimona checked c/n 36566
PH-GOZ PA.18 hangar GOZC
PH-453 AS K13 hangar GOZC – c/n 13530
PH-405 AS K13 hangar GOZC – c/n 13199
PH-595 Schempp-Hirth Janus B hangar GOZC
N9123X PA32R-301 Saratoga ready for dep – c/n 3229003, issued 19940404, MFR 1987
PH-JSP Mooney 201 ready for dep
PH-JOS CF.150L in hangar (first row)
PH-DRT PA-28-181 Archer II in hangar (first row) – c/n 28-8490055
PH-RNB Rallye hangar VS Hilversum
PH-RNC Rallye hangar VS Hilversum
PH-CBN CF.172N hangar VS Hilversum – c/n F17201985

Lord Extra?

Inside the hanger of the local flying school

The following links I used for research on this log, or are useful in general regarding EHHV:

Lord Extra?