EHHV: A Log from Hilversum

Initially I had in mind for this airblog to use it for publicing first drafts of  logs, as a quick way to publish. Final versions take a long time before I am able to publish.

It could look like this (the final report is here):

EHHV 9:15-9:45

Lord Extra?

N9123X, readying for departure

PH-BEG PA-28-181
PH-AFG Rallye 150ST c/n 3174
N21246 C.172M FAA – c/n 17263914, issued 19931108, MFR 1974, AW 19740910, (based Zeeland?)
PH-BRT TB-9 Tampico c/n 125, ex F-GCOC
D-KBKB Hoffman HK36R S-Dimona c/n 36323
D-KVOK Hoffman HK36TTC Dimona checked c/n 36566
PH-GOZ PA.18 hangar GOZC
PH-453 AS K13 hangar GOZC – c/n 13530
PH-405 AS K13 hangar GOZC – c/n 13199
PH-595 Schempp-Hirth Janus B hangar GOZC
N9123X PA32R-301 Saratoga ready for dep – c/n 3229003, issued 19940404, MFR 1987
PH-JSP Mooney 201 ready for dep
PH-JOS CF.150L in hangar (first row)
PH-DRT PA-28-181 Archer II in hangar (first row) – c/n 28-8490055
PH-RNB Rallye hangar VS Hilversum
PH-RNC Rallye hangar VS Hilversum
PH-CBN CF.172N hangar VS Hilversum – c/n F17201985

Lord Extra?

Inside the hanger of the local flying school

The following links I used for research on this log, or are useful in general regarding EHHV:

Lord Extra?