P.O. Box: Ag-planes

Recently, I received a request from Erik Blokzijl for pictures of ag-planes I spotted, to be used on the upcoming website agpilot.nl. Unfortunately, I don’t have the scans available yet but I expect to have uploaded them by the end of February 2005. It caused me to look into my database for info on these category of planes.

The bulk of the planes belong to the following families:

N4883X at Rotterdam (see report EHRD 19760728)

Logs I made at the following (Dutch) airstrips/ag-strips are:

Also, I recently came across a forum on the Farmphoto website, also containing pictures and info on ag-planes.

Struggling with MySQL

After adding most of the remaining images, I struggled for some days with the MySQL JOIN results. Now more or less solved, I will also have completed within a few days the upload of all pictures I took since 2001. From then on, I plan to work back in time, to add the diapositives from earlier days, back till 1975.