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B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050809
B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050809
4X-AXK?B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040203,EHAM(2) 20040203
4X-ICN ?B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040217
9M-M.. ?B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031007
9V-S.B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031125
9V-S.B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(2) 20031202
9V-SFI?B747Fc/n: History: noted as SFF?
Spotted: EHAM 20040114
B-.. ?B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(2) 20031125
B-24.. ?B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031028
D2-TEA/B?B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031104
F-BPV.B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(1) 20040308
F-G… (AF Cargo)B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031104
F-G… ? (Corsair)Boeing 747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(1) 20000914
G-BDX. ? (EAL)B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030902
HS-VA. ?B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050424,EHAM(2) 20050424
JA81.. ? (NCA)B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911
JA81.. ? (NCA)B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20041226
JA…B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040308
JA….B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040603
N (Polar)B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050312
N717CK ?B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050424
N…CKB747c/n: Spotted: EHAM 20050109
PH-BUN ?B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031
PH-MCF?Boeing 747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911
TC-… ?A300 ?c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911
TF-ARL (?)B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM 20050109
TF-ARO ?B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM 20050830
TF-… (MAS)B747c/n: Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040629
VT-E..B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031202
VT-…B747c/n: Spotted: LFPG(1) 20040217
B747c/n: History: most probably 4K-SW008
Spotted: LTFJ 20140424
Picture at: LTFJ 20140424
ZS-S.. ??Boeing 747c/n: Spotted: LFPG 20000914(2)
N732PABoeing 747-121c/n: 19638FF 19690710
History: (197007)N732PA,(199107)N475EV,conv. 121 >121F,(199409)N615FF,STD 200008 ?
Spotted: EGLL 19780904
N751PABoeing 747-121c/n: 19655FF 19700406
History: (197004)N751PA,(198912)N476EV,STD since 1992, used for spares
Spotted: EHAM 19760806
N753PABoeing 747-121c/n: 19657FF 19700415
History: (197004)N753PA,(198907)N473EV,conv. 121 > 121F,STD 1998 being BU
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
N770PABoeing 747-121c/n: 19660FF 19700521
History: (197005)N770PA,(198801)LX-GCV,(199106)F-GKLJ
Spotted: EHAM 19760809
N93107Boeing 747-131c/n: 19673FF 19700413
History: (197004)N93107,WFU 199710,STD/BU 200112
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
JA8102Boeing 747-146c/n: 19726FF 19700516
History: (197005)JA-8102,5N-EDO [DER]
Spotted: EHAM 19810404
4X-AXZBoeing 747-124Fc/n: 19735FF 19700717
History: (197008)N26863,converted 124 > 124F 197510,(197511)5-291(EP),(1976)5-8112,(197704)N8289V,(197706)4X-AXZ,(198107)HK-2400X,(198207)4X-AXZ,reti 3.99 to be brup
Spotted: EHAM 19840426
G-BDPZBoeing 747-148c/n: 19745FF 19710304
History: (197103)EI-ASJ,(197504)HS-VGF,(197505)EI-ASJ,(197603)G-BDPZ,(198105)EI-ASJ,(199702)5N-AAA
Spotted: EGLL 19780904,EGLL 19780914
N716CKBoeing 747-122Fc/n: 19753FF 19700406
Spotted: EHAM 20050109,EHAM 20060630
G-AWNBBoeing 747-136c/n: 19762FF 19700506
History: (197005)G-AWNB,(19980928)wfu/STD Roswell NM
Spotted: EGPK 19780910
Picture at: EGPK 19780910
G-AWNDBoeing 747-136c/n: 19764FF 19710120
History: (197102)G-AWND,(199008).. Iraqi Gvmnt,destr. 19910227 (or 18) Kuwait
Spotted: EGKK 19780912,EGLL 19780914
G-AWNEBoeing 747-136c/n: 19765FF 19710210
History: (197103)G-AWNE,(200101)5N-RRR
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
N601USBoeing 747-151c/n: 19778History: nose section,PRE Smithsonian
Spotted: Washington NASM 20140720
Picture at: Washington NASM 20140720
PH-BUABoeing 747-206Bc/n: 19922FF 19701213
History: (197101)PH-BUA,(198910)N531AW,(199604)WFU – only hulk remains
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,EHAM 19760803,EHAM 19760806,EHAM 19760809,EHAM 19820227,EHAM 19840426
PH-BUBBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 19923History: (197103)PH-BUB,(198911)N532AW,(199110)WFU some parts remain
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,EHAM 19760809,EHAM 19790209,EHAM 19810404,EHAM 19820227
PH-BUCBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 19924History: PH-BUC,N533AW
Spotted: EHAM 19760803,EHAM 19760806,EHAM 19771116,EHAM 19820227
Picture at: EHAM 19771116
C-FTOBBoeing 747-133c/n: 20014History: CF-TOB,C-FTOB
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
N905NABoeing 747-123c/n: 20107FF 19701015
History: (197010)N9668,(197407)N905NA,stored, sMarana 23.10.99
Spotted: Kijkduin 19830605 {BU09-12}
Picture at: Kijkduin 19830605
N601BNBoeing 747-127c/n: 20207FF 19701209
History: (197101)N601BN,s12.93 JFK reduced to spares,s21.05.94 tail removed, fus in two pieces,TT 78948,13651 L
Spotted: EGKK 19780906,EGKK 19780912
C-FDJCBoeing 747-1D1c/n: 20208History: CF-DJC,C-FDJC
Spotted: EHAM 19760806,EGKK 19780906,EGKK 19780912
ZS-SALBoeing 747-244Bc/n: 20237Spotted: EHAM 19760806
G-AWNJBoeing 747-136c/n: 20272History: G-AWNJ,N…..,
Spotted: EGPK 19780910
Picture at: EGPK 19780910
G-AWNKBoeing 747-136c/n: 20273History: G-AWNK,N17126,N606FF,N6189
Spotted: EGLL 19780904
C-FFUNBoeing 747-1D1c/n: 20305Spotted: EGKK 19780912
N702CK (?)Boeing 747-146c/n: 20332History: (197110)JA8107,(199208)N702CK
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030902
N656PABoeing 747-121c/n: 20351History: (197105)N656PA,(199105)N483EV,[sMarana 2.92 no eng/s9.92 being brup, s28.3.98 being brup still painted N656PA, s3.99 “brup”, Evergreen r21.4.99 (being restored??)]
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
OD-AGCBoeing 747-123c/n: 20391History: (197106)N9676,(197509)OD-AGC,(197706)N901PA,(198303)N820FT,(198908)N629FE,(199012)N677UP
Spotted: EHAM 19760803
Picture at: EHAM 19760803
PH-BUDBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 20398History: (197108)PH-BUD,(199007)N534AW,N306TW
Spotted: EHAM 19730426,EHAM 19740729,EHAM 19760803,EHAM 19790209
PH-BUEBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 20399History: PH-BUE,HS-VGG,PH-BUE,F-GLNA(2)
Spotted: EHAM 19771116,EHAM 19820227
PH-BUFBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 20400History: (197110)PH-BUF,(19770327)WO Tenerife
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,EHAM 19760806
PH-BUGBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 20427History: (197112)PH-BUG,(199502)F-GPJM
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,EHAM 19760803,EHAM 19790209,EHAM 19810404,EHAM 19820227,EHAM 19820514,EHAM 19840709
JA8116Boeing 747-146c/n: 20532Spotted: EHAM 19820227
F-BPVJBoeing 747-128c/n: 20541History: (197210),(197302)N28903,(F-BPVI) NTU,(198201)F-BPVJ, WFU to Musée de l’Air
Spotted: LFPB 20030622,LFPB Museum 20100918,LFPB S 20130622
Picture at: LFPB 20030622
ZS-SAPBoeing 747-244Bc/n: 20557Spotted: EGLL 19780914
N748WABoeing 747-273Cc/n: 20652History: (197304)N748WA,(198504)HL7471,(200002)N79712,sMarana 4.4.00 str
Spotted: EGKK 19780906
Picture at: EGKK 19780906
C-FTOEBoeing 747-133c/n: 20881Spotted: EGLL 19780914
N18815Boeing 747-228Fc/n: 20887FF 197409
History: (197410)N18815,(198204)F-BPVO,(199106)LX-DCV,(199608)N809MC
Spotted: LFPG 19750815
Picture at: LFPG 19750815
9V-SQCBoeing 747-212Bc/n: 20888Spotted: EHAM 19760803,EGLL 19780914
Picture at: EHAM 19760803
JA8122Boeing 747-246Bc/n: 20924History: (197403)JA8122,(199601)N550SW,(199603)TF-ABI,(200003)Stored/WFU?
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,
C-FCRDBoeing 747-217Bc/n: 20927Spotted: EHAM 19760803,EHAM 19760806
Picture at: EHAM 19760803
C-FCREBoeing 747-217Bc/n: 20929Spotted: EHAM 19800606,EHAM 19760806
C-GAGABoeing 747-233Bc/n: 20977Spotted: EGPK 19780910
Picture at: EGPK 19780910
EP-IAABoeing 747SP-86c/n: 20998History: (197603)EP-IAA
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20000914
N533PABoeing 747SP-21c/n: 21025History: (197511)N40135,(197603)N533PA,(198602)N143UA,[canc 12.95,sArdmore OK 29.03.96, brup by 2.99]
Spotted: EHAM 19760803
N534PABoeing 747SP-21c/n: 21026History: (197605)N534PA,(198602)N144UA,[to Ardmore 7.3.96 final fl, sArdmore OK 29.03.96,s2.97 to be brup, s2.99 being brup, tt 78870, 10530 l]
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
JA8128Boeing 747-146c/n: 21029Spotted: EHAM 19760809,EGLL 19780914
9V-SQDBoeing 747-212Bc/n: 21048History: (2.75) 9V-SQD,N747BC,N726PA,N808MC >CONV. 747-212B(F)
Spotted: EHAM 19810404
EP-IACBoeing 747SP-86c/n: 21093Spotted: EGLL 19780914
OD-AGIBoeing 747-2B4Bc/n: 21098History: (197506)OD-AGI,(198412)N203AE,(198511)G-BLVF,(199006)N203AE,(199802)N712CK,converted 2B4B > 2B4BF 199808,(200009)A6-GDP
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
Picture at: EGLL 19780914
PH-BUHBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 21110History: (10.75) PH-BUH (converted > SUD/SCD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19760803,EHAM 19760809,EHAM 19810404 BK01,EHAM 20060817
Picture at: EHAM 19810404
PH-BUIBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 21111History: N8297V,PH-BUI (converted > SUD/SCD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19760806,EHAM 19840426,EHAM 19840709
VH-EBKBoeing 747-238Bc/n: 21140History: VH-EBK,N159UA
Spotted: EGLL 19780914,EHAM 19810404
G-BDPVBoeing 747-136c/n: 21213History: G-BDPV
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
EP-IAHBoeing 747-286Bc/n: 21218History: (197612)EP-IAH
Spotted: EGLL 19780904
D-ABYJBoeing 747-230B(SCD)c/n: 21220History: N1786B,D-ABYJ,N512MC (converted > 747-230B (F) (SDC) when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19771116
G-BDXDBoeing 747-236Bc/n: 21241History: N8285V,G-BDXD,N…..
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
JY-AFBBoeing 747-2D3Bc/n: 21252History: (197610)JY-AFB,(198503)G-HUGE,(199011)N512DC,converted 2D3B > 2D3BF,(199111)LX-ZCV,(199403)N506DC
Spotted: EHAM 19800606
Picture at: EHAM 19800606
F-BPVRBoeing 747-228Fc/n: 21255History: (197609)N1783B,(197610)F-BPVR
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20010516,LFPG(1) 20030911
ZS-SPFBoeing 747SP-44c/n: 21263History: (197701)ZS-SPF,(198809)3B-NAO,(1988)ZS-SPF,(198908)LX-LGY,(198911)ZS-SPF,(199004)V5-SPF,(199804)ZS-SPF,(19981005) dbr after engine-failure on TO,pkd 12.98 after damage, repo to be parted out 8.99
Spotted: EHAM 19800606
VT-EFJBoeing 747-237Bc/n: 21446History: (197801)VT-EFJ,(199802)N104TR,converted 237B > 237BF,199810?,(200004)N524UP
Spotted: EGLL 19780904
F-ODJGBoeing 747-2Q2Bc/n: 21468History: (197804),(197810)N1248E,(197812)F-ODJG
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20000914,LFPG 20010320,LFPG(2) 20030923,LFPG(2) 20030930,LFPG(1) 20030902,LFPG(2) 20031007,LFPG(2) 20031028,LFPG(1) 20031118,LFPG(2) 20031118,LFPG(2) 20031125,LFPG(2) 20031202,LFPG(1) 20040217,LFPG(2) 20040217,LFPG(1) 20040308,LFPG(2) 20040622
Picture at: LFPG(2) 20030930
C-GXRABoeing 747-211Bc/n: 21516History: (197805)C-GXRA,(198610)G-GLYN,(199102)N207AE,(200004)RP-C8850
Spotted: EGPK 19780910
Picture at: EGPK 19780910
G-BDXGBoeing 747-236Bc/n: 21536History: G-BDXG
Spotted: EGLL 19780904
PH-BUKBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 21549History: 206B (197808)PH-BUK, (converted > SUD/SCD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19820227,EHAM 20020501,EHAM 19840709,EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM 20040809,EHLE 20050221,Aviodrome 20060106,EHLE 20050827
Picture at: EHAM 20040809
PH-BULBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 21550History: PH-BUL (converted > SUD/SCD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19800606,EHAM 19820514,EHAM 19830618
4X-AXFBoeing 747-258Cc/n: 21594FF 19780607
History: (197806)4X-AXF
Spotted: EGLL 19780914,EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM(1) 20031209
PH-BUMBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 21659History: N1729B,PH-BUM (converted > SUD/SCD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19820227,EHAM 20021227
PH-BUNBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 21660History: (197908)PH-BUN, (converted > SUD/SCD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19840426,EHAM(1) 20010131,EHAM 19810404,EHAM(1) 20031028
9V-SQIBoeing 747-212Bc/n: 21684History: (197908)9V-SQI,(198504)SX-OAD
Spotted: EHAM 19820514
EC-JDHBoeing 747-287Bc/n: 21726FF 19791001
Spotted: EHAM(2) 20050710
4X-AXGBoeing 747-258Fc/n: 21737History: (197903)4X-AXG,WO 19921004 Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam 4(i)+42 cr into appartment blocks after 2 engines broke off
Spotted: EHAM 19800606,EHAM 19820227,EHAM 19840426
Picture at: EHAM 19800606
HS-TGBBoeing 747-2D7Bc/n: 21783History: (197912)HS-TGB,(199604)N522MC, converted 2D7B > 2D7BF, 199604?
Spotted: EKCH 19840822
N522MCBoeing 747-2D7BFc/n: 21783FF 19791203
History: (197912)HS-TGB,(1996?)cvtd 2D7B>2D7BF,(199604)N522MC
Spotted: EHAM(2) 20080713
Picture at: EHAM(2) 20080713
N524MCBoeing 747-2D7BFc/n: 21784FF 19800204
History: (198002)HS-TGC,(1996?)cvtd 2D7B>2D7BF,(199609)N524MC
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040217
G-BDXJBoeing 747-236Bc/n: 21831History: (198003),(198005)G-BDXJ
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030923
N741PRBoeing 747-2F6Bc/n: 21832History: (197912)N741PR,(199806)N534MC,converted 2F6B > 2F6BF 199807
Spotted: EHAM 19840426 BZ10
Picture at: EHAM 19840426
N535MCBoeing 747-2F6Fc/n: 21833FF 19800107
History: (198002)N742PR,conv 2F6B > 2F6F,(199805?)N535MC,(200703)N535FC
Spotted: EHAM 20050830
PH-BUOBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 21848History: PH-BUO (converted > SUD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19820514,EHAM(1) 20030923,EHAM(1) 20031209
9V-SQKBoeing 747-212Bc/n: 21936History: (197909)9V-SQK,(198705)VT-ENQ,(199802)N522UP (converted 212 > 212BF, 199801?)
Spotted: EHAM 19840709 BZ29
Picture at: EHAM 19840709
9V-SQNBoeing 747-212Bc/n: 21939History: (198005)9V-SQN,(198903)G-TKYO,(199412)N616FF,(200010)N525UP
Spotted: EHAM 19840426
9V-SQPBoeing 747-212Bc/n: 21941History: SEE: N641NW
Spotted: EHAM 19830618
N641NWBoeing 747-212Bc/n: 21941History: (198008),(198009)9V-SQP,(199211)RP-C5745,(199511)9V-SQP,(199607)N641NW
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030423,EHAM(1) 20030930
VT-EGABoeing 747-237Bc/n: 21993History: VT-EGA
Spotted: EHAM 19810404
4X-AXLBoeing 747-245Fc/n: 22150History: (198009),(198010)N815FT,(198908)N634FE,(199201)9V-SQT,(199504)4X-AXL
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030902
4X-AXKBoeing 747-245Fc/n: 22151FF 19801003
History: (198010)N816FT,(198908)N635FE,(199207)9V-SQU,(199501)4X-AXK
Spotted: EHAM(2) 20031118,EHAM(1) 20060726,EHAM 20080802
G-MKAABoeing 747-2S4Fc/n: 22169FF 19800912
History: cn 22169
Spotted: EBOS(2) 20070527
ZS-SASBoeing 747-244Bc/n: 22171FF 19801112
History: (198011)ZS-SAS,WO 19871128 Indian Ocean, 159k
Spotted: EHAM 19820228
N634USBoeing 747-227Bc/n: 22234Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031
N920FTBoeing 747-249Fc/n: 22237History: (198007),(198010)N810FT,(198908)N633FE,(199403)VR-HKO,(199611)N920FT
Spotted: EHAM(2) 20030902
PK-GSBBoeing 747-2U3Bc/n: 22247History: PK-GSB
Spotted: EHAM 19810404 (BK03)
Picture at: EHAM 19810404
PK-GSCBoeing 747-2U3Bc/n: 22248History: (198007)PK-GSC
Spotted: EHAM 19820227
4X-AXHBoeing 747-258Bc/n: 22254FF 19791206
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040217
F-GCBBBoeing 747-228B (SCD)c/n: 22272History: N1289E,F-GCBB
Spotted: LFPG 20030114
N704CKBoeing 747-209Fc/n: 22299Spotted: EHAM 20040113
N1295EBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 22376History: (198008)N57004,(198009)N1295E,(199101)PH-BUP,[pkd sAMS 18.4.01 basic col, frd Marana 1.5.01 for str]
Spotted: EHAM 19820227
N1298EBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 22379History: SEE: PH-BUR
Spotted: EHAM 19810404 BK02,EHAM 19830618,EHAM 19840709
Picture at: EHAM 19810404
PH-BURBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 22379History: (PH-BUR),N1298E,PH-BUR (converted > SUD, when?)
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031
N1309EBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 22380History: SEE: PH-BUT
Spotted: EHAM 19840426,EHAM 19840709
PH-BUTBoeing 747-206Bc/n: 22380History: (198108)(PH-BUT ntu,converted > SUD)N1309E,(199512)PH-BUT
Spotted: EHAM 20021227,EHAM(1) 20030911,EHAM(2) 20030923
N715CKBoeing 747-209BFc/n: 22447FF 19820217
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040217
JY-AFSBoeing 747-2D3Bc/n: 22579History: (198103)JY-AFS,(198709)G-CITB,(199011)JA8192,converted 2D3B > 2D3BF 199707
Spotted: EHAM 19840709
JY-AUABoeing 747-230Bc/n: 22670History: D-ABYX,JY-AUA
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050424
F-GCBEBoeing 747-228F (SCD)c/n: 22678History: N4508E,F-GCBE
Spotted: LFPG 20021022
N922FTBoeing 747-2U3BFc/n: 22768History: (198204),(198205)PK-GSE,(199812)N105TR,(ca199904)conv. 2U3B > 2U3BF,(199909)N922FT
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031007
ZS-SAUBoeing 747-344c/n: 22971History: (198303)N8296V,(198304)ZS-SAU
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030827
N746CKBoeing 747-246F (SCD)c/n: 22989Spotted: EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20110813
N700CKBoeing 747-246BFc/n: 22990FF 19830425
History: (198304)N6046B (198306)JA8161,(200704)N700CK
Spotted: EHAM 20120530
Picture at: EHAM 20120530
F-GSUNBoeing 747-312c/n: 23030FF 19840201
History: (198402)N119KE,(199509)F-GSUN
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031118
PH-BUVBoeing 747-306c/n: 23137History: (198408),(198409)N4551N,(199102)PH-BUV
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911,EHAM(1) 20031118
F-GSKYBoeing 747-312c/n: 23244History: (198508),(198509)N124KK,(199809)9V-SKK,(200012)N680SW,(200101)TF-ATG,(200104)N680SW,(200107)TF-ATG,(200202)F-GSKY
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031007
B-KABBoeing 747-312c/n: 23409History: (198603)N6065Y,(198603)9V-SKM,(200107)B-KAB
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031014
D2-TEABoeing 747-312c/n: 23410FF 19860812
History: (198608)9V-SKN,(199707)D2-TEA
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031118,LPPT 20040114
PH-BUWBoeing 747-306c/n: 23508FF 19860920
History: SEE: PZ-TCM
Spotted: EHAM(2) 20040629
PZ-TCMBoeing 747-306c/n: 23508FF 19860920
History: N6055X,(198610)PH-BUW,(200408)PZ-TCM
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040821,EHAM(2) 20040821,EHAM(2) 20050113,EHAM(2) 20050205,EHAM(1) 20050312,EHAM 20080625,EHAM 20090801,EHAM 20091114
Picture at: EHAM 20090801
F-GCBHBoeing 747-230Fc/n: 23611FF 19860908
History: N6046P,(198609)F-GCBH,(199410) conv 230B > 230F
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031209
PH-MCEBoeing 747-21AC (SCD)c/n: 23652History: (198702)N6038E,(198702)PH-MCE
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20010516
N661USBoeing 747-451c/n: 23719FF 19880429
History: (747-400 proto) N401PW,(198912)N661US
Spotted: EHAM 20150511
Picture at: EHAM 20150511
TF-ARJBoeing 747-236BFc/n: 23735FF 19870310
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040308
D2-TEBBoeing 747-357c/n: 23751History: (198708)N6055X,(198712)HB-IGG,(199906)N375TC,(199912)D2-TEB
Spotted: LFPG 20021022,LPPT 20040113,LFPG(2) 20040622
G-BDXOBoeing 747-236Bc/n: 23799History: STO EHAM 20031031-
Spotted: EHAM(2) 20031202,EHAM 20040113,EHAM(1) 20040603,EHAM(2) 20040603,EHAM(1) 20040629,EHAM(1) 20041012,EHAM(1) 20050113,EHAM(1) 20050205,EHAM 20050612,EHAM 20050830,EHAM 20070613
Picture at: EHAM 20050612
G-BNLDBoeing 747-436c/n: 23911FF 19890816
Spotted: EGLL(2) 20040603
JA8188Boeing 747-281Fc/n: 23919History: (198712)N6009F,(198801)JA8188
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM(1) 20030827
PH-BFCBoeing 747-406 (SCD)c/n: 23982History: N6038E,PH-BFC
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM 20050830
PH-BFABoeing 747-406c/n: 23999History: (198904)N6018N,(198905)PH-BFA
Spotted: EHAM 20020501,EHAM(1) 20031014,EHAM 20050605,EHAM 20080626,EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20020501
PH-BFBBoeing 747-406c/n: 24000FF 19890523
History: (198906)PH-BFB
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030827,EHAM(1) 20031125,EHAM(2) 20031202,EHAM 20090801EHAM(1) 20090813,EHAM 20091020,EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20090801
PH-BFDBoeing 747-406c/n: 24001History: (198908),(198909)PH-BFD
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911,EHAM(2) 20031007,EHAM 20040809,EHAM(1) 20050424,EHAM(2) 20050424,EHAM(1) 20060129,EHAM 20140712
Picture at: EHAM 20140712
G-BNLIBoeing 747-436c/n: 24051FF 19900404
Spotted: EGLL(1) 20040603
G-BNLKBoeing 747-436c/n: 24053FF 19900504
Spotted: EGLL(1) 20040603
F-GCBJBoeing 747-228B (SCD)c/n: 24067History: (198803)N6018N,(198803)F-GCBJ
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20010516,LFPG(1) 20030930
TF-ATZBoeing 747-236BFc/n: 24088FF 19880213
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031209,EHAM(1) 20040217,EHAM 20060630
PH-MCFBoeing 747-21AC (SCD)c/n: 24134History: N6009F,PH-MCF,
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM(1) 20030923
Picture at: EHAM(1) 20021031
F-GEXABoeing 747-4B3c/n: 24154History: (198908),(198909)F-GEXA
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030911,LFPG(2) 20030916,LFPG(1) 20030930,LFPG(2) 20040203
F-GEXBBoeing 747-4B3c/n: 24155History: (199106),(199107)F-GEXB
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030916
F-GCBKBoeing 747-228F (SCD)c/n: 24158History: (198809)N6055X,(198809)F-GCBK
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20010516
VT-EVJBoeing 747-4B5c/n: 24199FF 19890715
History: (198907)HL7478,(200211)VT-EVJ
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031202
PH-BFEBoeing 747-406c/n: 24201FF 19891222
History: N6046P,(199001)PH-BFE
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031202,EHAM 20040113,EHAM 20130719
Picture at: EHAM 20130719
PH-BFFBoeing 747-406c/n: 24202FF 19900130
History: (199001)N6046P,(199002)PH-BFF
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030902,EHAM 20130719
Picture at: EHAM 20130719
N667USBoeing 747-451c/n: 24222History: (199006),(199007)N667US
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030930
N669USBoeing 747-451c/n: 24224History: (199007),(199008)N779US
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911
B-18272Boeing 747-409c/n: 24310History: (199003)B-162,(199911)B-18272
Spotted: EHAM 20021227
B-2460Boeing 747-4J6c/n: 24348History: (199005),(199006)B-2460
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030923
Picture at: LFPG(2) 20030923
JA8071Boeing 747-446c/n: 24423FF 19890929
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20040622
JA8074Boeing 747-446c/n: 24426FF 19900126
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20041012
G-BNLRBoeing 747-436c/n: 24447FF 19901211
Spotted: EGLL(1) 20040603
Picture at: EGLL(1) 20040603
HS-TGJBoeing 747-4D7c/n: 24459FF 19900223
History: (199003)HS-TGJ
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031118
VH-OJDBoeing 747-438c/n: 24481Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030916
VH-OJEBoeing 747-438c/n: 24482History: (199001)VH-OJE
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031007
PH-BFGBoeing 747-406c/n: 24517History: (199003),(199004)PH-BFG
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911,EHAM 20110822,EHAM 20160807
Picture at: EHAM 20110822
PH-BFHBoeing 747-406c/n: 24518FF 19900330
History: (199003)N60668,(199004)PH-BFH
Spotted: EHAM 20090716,EHAM 20110813
JA8076Boeing 747-446c/n: 24777History: (199006)N6046P,(199007)JA8076
Spotted: LFPG 20010320,LFPG(2) 20030911,LFPG(2) 20031028
VH-OJHBoeing 747-438c/n: 24806Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030930
JA8095Boeing 747-481c/n: 24833FF 19900913
History: (199010)JA8095
Spotted: LFPG 20030114
JA8078Boeing 747-446c/n: 24870History: (199010)N60697,(199011)JA8078
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20010516
F-GITABoeing 747-428c/n: 24969FF 19910125
History: (199102)F-GITA
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031209
ZS-SAVBoeing 747-444c/n: 24976FF 19901203
Spotted: EGLL(2) 20040603
Picture at: EGLL(2) 20040603
F-GITBBoeing 747-428c/n: 24990History: (199102)N6009F,(199104)F-GITB
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030930
HS-TGKBoeing 747-4D7c/n: 24993History: (199101)HS-TGK
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030916,LFPG(1) 20031028
PH-BFIBoeing 747-406 (SCD)c/n: 25086History: (199105)PH-BFI
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20010131,EHAM 20090816
PH-BFKBoeing 747-406c/n: 25087History: (199105)PH-BFK
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030827,EHAM(1) 20040821
JA8194Boeing 747-281F (last classic 747)c/n: 25171History: (199111)JA8194
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911
Picture at: EHAM(1) 20030911
HL7482Boeing 747-4B5c/n: 25205History: (199104)HL7482
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20021031
JA8082Boeing 747-446c/n: 25212History: (199108)JA8082
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030827,LFPG(2) 20030902,LFPG 20041124
PH-MCNBoeing 747-228F (SCD)c/n: 25266History: (199110)(F-GCBN),(199110)PH-MCN
Spotted: EHAM 20020501,EHAM(1) 20030911
F-GISBBoeing 747-428 (SCD)c/n: 25302History: (199111)F-GISB
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20010516,LFPG(2) 20031014,LFPG(2) 20031104,LFPG(2) 20040629
F-GITCBoeing 747-428c/n: 25344History: F-GITC
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20021031,LFPG 20080626
B-HOYBoeing 747-467c/n: 25351FF 19911107
History: (199111)VR-HOY,(199708)B-HOY
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20090813
PH-BFLBoeing 747-406c/n: 25356History: PH-BFL
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM 20041030,EHAM 20090801
Picture at: EHAM 20090801
HS-TGLBoeing 747-4D7c/n: 25366History: (199111),(199112)HS-TGL
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030423
PH-BFOBoeing 747-406c/n: 25413FF 19920916
History: (199210)PH-BFO
Spotted: EHAM 20080626,EHAM 20090716,EHAM 20090801,EHAM 20130719
Picture at: EHAM 20130719
HL7414Boeing 747-48Ec/n: 25452FF 19911205
Spotted: EGLL(2) 20040603
VH-OJQBoeing 747-438c/n: 25546FF 19920615
History: N6046P,(199207?)N6005C,(199209)VH-OJQ
Spotted: EGLL(1) 20040603
F-GITDBoeing 747-428c/n: 25600FF 19920205
History: (199202)F-GITD
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20031118
F-GITEBoeing 747-428c/n: 25601History: (199203)F-GITE
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031007,LFPG(2) 20031118,LFPG(2) 20031125,LFPG(1) 20031202,KATL 20140802
F-GITFBoeing 747-428c/n: 25602History: (199203),(199204)F-GITF
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031104
F-GISDBoeing 747-428c/n: 25628History: (199208),(199209)F-GISD
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030923,LFPG(2) 20031209
Picture at: LFPG(1) 20030923
F-GISEBoeing 747-428c/n: 25630History: (199301),(199302)F-GISE
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030902,LFPG(2) 20031202,LFPG 20070206
PK-GSH ?(KSH)Boeing 747-4U3c/n: 25705History: (199404)N6038E,(199405)PK-GSH
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031
G-CIVCBoeing 747-436c/n: 25812FF 19940221
Spotted: EGLL(2) 20040603
G-CIVRBoeing 747-436c/n: 25820FF 19980218
Spotted: EGLL(2) 20040603
G-CIVTBoeing 747-436c/n: 25821FF 19980311
Spotted: EGLL(1) 20040603
G-VHOT ?Boeing 747-4Q8c/n: 26255Spotted: EHAM 20040113
JA8901Boeing 747-446c/n: 26343FF 19920511
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050809
EC-LNABoeing 747-446c/n: 26346Spotted: ENVA 20120602
Picture at: ENVA 20120602
PH-BFNBoeing 747-406c/n: 26372Spotted: EHAM 20030113,EHAM 20110813,EHAM 20160807
Picture at: EHAM 20110813
PH-BFMBoeing 747-406c/n: 26373History: (199201),(199202)PH-BFM
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030930,EHAM(1) 20050809,EHAM 20060628,EHAM 20140712
Picture at: EHAM 20140712
PH-BFPBoeing 747-406c/n: 26374FF 19930813
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040603,EHAM(1) 20050717,EHAM(2) 20050717,EHAM 20090801
Picture at: EHAM 20090801
HL7493Boeing 747-4B5c/n: 26398History: (199503)HL7493
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030930
HL7461Boeing 747-4B5c/n: 26405FF 19970612
History: (199706)HL7461
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031007
HL7465Boeing 747-4B5c/n: 26412FF 20010908
History: HL7455?
Spotted: LFPG 20070614
EC-KQCBoeing 747-412c/n: 26549Spotted: ENVA 20120602
Picture at: ENVA 20120602
9V-SPHBoeing 747-412c/n: 26555FF 19960301
Spotted: EGLL(1) 20040603
Picture at: EGLL(1) 20040603
F-HSEXBoeing 747-422c/n: 26878History: N189UA,(200502)F-HSEX
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20050312
9M-MPABoeing 747-4H6c/n: 27042History: (199208)9M-MPA
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030916,EHAM(1) 20031028
9M-MPH (PH?)Boeing 747-4H6c/n: 27044History: (199409)N60668,(199409)9M-MPH
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911
9V-SMPBoeing 747-412c/n: 27067FF 19921212
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20040308
9V-SMUBoeing 747-412c/n: 27068History: (199309),(199310)9V-SMU
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030827
F-GTIRBoeing 747-412c/n: 27071FF 19951119
History: (199512)9V-SPF,(200903)N270RP,(200906)F-GTIR
Spotted: EHAM 20090716,EHAM(1) 20090813
Picture at: EHAM 20090716
HL7467Boeing 747-4B5Fc/n: 27073FF 20011121
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20041012
B-HUEBoeing 747-467c/n: 27117History: (199303)N60697,(199305)VR-HUE,(199708)B-HUE
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20010516
B-HKJBoeing B.747-412BCFc/n: 27133FF 19930212
History: (199302)9V-SMR,(200612)B-HKJ,(200706)convtd 412>412BCF
Spotted: EHAM 20091114
EC-KSMBoeing 747-412c/n: 27178Spotted: ENVA 20120602
Picture at: ENVA 20120602
PH-BFRBoeing 747-406c/n: 27202FF 19940106
History: (199401)PH-BFR
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030911,EHAM(1) 20041012,EHAM(1) 20090913,EHAM 20130719
Picture at: EHAM 20130719
TF-AMUBoeing 747-48EFc/n: 27603FF 19990402
History: (199904)HL7426,(200904)TF-AMU
Spotted: EHAM 20160813
Picture at: EHAM 20160813
HS-TGRBoeing 747-4D7c/n: 27723History: (199510),(199511)HS-TGR
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030930
9V-SFIBoeing 747-412Fc/n: 28027FF 20000914
Spotted: EHAM 20040911
9V-SPNBoeing 747-412c/n: 28031FF 20010202
History: (200102)9V-SPN
Spotted: LFPG 20030114
Picture at: LFPG 20030114
B-2429Boeing 747-400F/SCDc/n: 28032History: 9V-SFH,B-2429
Spotted: EHAM 20060628,EHAM 20060630
PH-BFSBoeing 747-406 (SCD)c/n: 28195FF 19961003
History: (199610)PH-BFS
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM(1) 20030423,EHAM 20160328
PH-BFUBoeing 747-406c/n: 28196FF 19970828
History: (199709)PH-BFU
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030423,EHAM 20140712,KJFK 20140712
Picture at: EHAM 20140712
B-2435B747-481SFc/n: 28282FF 19971029
History: (199711)JA401A,(2003)conv 481 > 481D,(200807)N483YR,(200903)conv 481D > 481SF,(200903)B-2435
Spotted: EHAM 20160313
Picture at: EHAM 20160313
9M-MPMBoeing 747-4H6c/n: 28435Spotted: EHAM 20060628,EHAM 20080719
Picture at: EHAM 20080719
PH-BFTBoeing 747-406 (SCD)c/n: 28459FF 19970501
History: (199705)PH-BFT
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20021031,EHAM(1) 20031118,EHAM 20091023,EHAM 20120530,EHAM 20160813
Picture at: EHAM 20160813
PH-BFVBoeing 747-406c/n: 28460FF 19990803
History: (199908)PH-BFV
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031028,EHAM(1) 20050424
HS-TGYBoeing 747-4D7c/n: 28705FF 19980626
History: N60697,(199812)HS-TGY
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20010131,LFPG 20021021
B-18202Boeing 747-409c/n: 28710Spotted: EHAM 20050830
B-18203Boeing 747-409c/n: 28711Spotted: EHAM 20110822
Picture at: EHAM 20110822
B-2468Boeing 747-4J6c/n: 28755FF 19970906
History: (199709)B-2468
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031125
B-2470Boeing 747-4J6c/n: 29070FF 19981019
History: (199810)B-2470
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030902,LFPG(2) 20031007
B-2471Boeing 747-4J6c/n: 29071FF 19990910
History: (199909)B-2471
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030930
N408MCBoeing 747-47UFc/n: 29261FF 19981208
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040203
JA403ABoeing 747-481c/n: 29262FF 19990207
History: (199902)JA403A
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030827,LFPG(2) 20030902,LFPG(2) 20040308
JA404ABoeing 747-481c/n: 29263FF 19990304
History: (199903)JA404A
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030916
LX-OCVBoeing 747-4R7Fc/n: 29731FF 19990325
History: (199907)LX-OCV
Spotted: EHAM 20080830
Picture at: EHAM 20080830
LX-PCVBoeing 747-4R7Fc/n: 29732FF 19990919
Spotted: EHAM 20040911
9M-MPPBoeing 747-4H6c/n: 29900Spotted: EHAM(1) 20041012,EHAM 20110822
Picture at: EHAM 20110822
JA405ABoeing 747-481c/n: 30322FF 20000619
History: (200006)JA405A
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20031028
PH-BFWBoeing 747-406c/n: 30454FF 20001011
History: (200010)PH-BFW
Spotted: EHAM 20090801,EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20110813
PH-BFYBoeing 747-406c/n: 30455FF 20020330
History: N6005C,(200204)PH-BFY
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031028,EHAM(1) 20031202,EHAM(1) 20050809
G-VROMBoeing 747-443c/n: 32339FF 20010508
History: (200105)G-VROM
Spotted: EHAM 20090716
Picture at: EHAM 20090716
G-VWOWBoeing 747-41Rc/n: 32745History: cn 32745 / ln 1287
Spotted: EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20110813
F-GITHBoeing 747-121c/n: 32868FF 20030305
History: (200303)F-GITH
Spotted: LFPG 20080625,LFPG 20080626 ?
F-GITIBoeing 747-428c/n: 32869FF 20030409
History: (200304)F-GITI
Spotted: LFPG(2) 20030911,LFPG(1) 20031125
Picture at: LFPG(1) 20031125
F-GITJBoeing 747c/n: 32871FF 20040305
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20041012
N676NWBoeing 747-451c/n: 33002FF 20020411
History: (200204)N676NW
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030902,EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20110813
F-GIUBBoeing 747-428ERFc/n: 33096FF 20021023
History: (200210)F-GIUB
Spotted: LFPG(1) 20030911
HL7438Boeing 747-4B5ERFc/n: 33515FF 20030513
History: N6005C,(200306)HL7438
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20030827
Picture at: EHAM(1) 20030827
PH-CKABoeing 747-406ERFc/n: 33694FF 20030315
History: (200303)PH-CKA
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20031202,EHAM 20060630
PH-CKBBoeing 747-406ERFc/n: 33695FF 20030420
Spotted: EHAM 20050109,EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20110813
PH-CKCBoeing 747-406ERFc/n: 33696FF 20040122
Spotted: EHAM(1) 20040308,EHAM(2) 20040308,EHAM 20060628
B-18715Boeing 747c/n: 33731FF 20030824
History: (200308)B-18715
Spotted: EHAM 20120530
Picture at: EHAM 20120530
VQ-BJBBoeing 747-446FSCDc/n: 33749FF 20041008
History: (200410)JA402J,STO as N402AL 201011,(201012)VQ-BJB
Spotted: EHAM 20120530
Picture at: EHAM 20120530
HL7600Boeing 747-4B5ERFc/n: 33945FF 20040518
History: (200405)HL7600
Spotted: EHAM 20120530
Picture at: EHAM 20120530
B-2421Boeing 747-4EVERFc/n: 35169FF 20070810
History: (200708)B-2421
Spotted: EHAM 20090716
B-2423Boeing 747-4EVF(ER)c/n: 35174Spotted: EHAM 20110813
Picture at: EHAM 20110813
OO-CBDBoeing 747-4KZFc/n: 36785FF 20090420
History: (200905)OO-CBD,JA10KZ NTU,(200907)N385NY
Spotted: EHAM 20090716
Picture at: EHAM 20090716
LX-ECVBoeing 747-4HQF(ER)c/n: 37303FF 20090321
History: N5022E,(200904)N452BA,(200911)N797BA,(201310)LX-ECV
Spotted: EHAM 20160813
Picture at: EHAM 20160813
VQ-BLQBoeing 747-8HVFc/n: 37581FF 20111228
History: (201201)VQ-BLQ
Spotted: EHAM 20130719
Picture at: EHAM 20130719