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G-ATLFCessna 172 (ATLM= 252, ATLN=257,ATLR=204) perhaps G-ATLD C310?c/n: History: >
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19800513
PH-LFS ?CF172c/n: Spotted: EHLE 20030906
PH-VSE ?CF.172 (=150H, c/n F150-0303)c/n: Spotted: EHRD 20030327
CF172c/n: Spotted: LGKO 20060817
Picture at: LGKO 20060817
C172c/n: Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
C172c/n: Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
C172c/n: History: N20..K ?
Spotted: KEYW 20140802
Picture at: KEYW 20140802
D-ELYSCessna 172 Skyhawkc/n: 172-29353History: N7253A,(195805)D-ELYS
Spotted: EDWX 20130817
Picture at: EDWX 20130817
PH-LACCessna 172 Skyhawkc/n: 172-46748History: N7148T,PH-LAC
Spotted: EHBK 19760807,EHBK 19760809,EHTE 19830701
PH-MVBCessna 172Ac/n: 172-47425 (01705?)History: N7825T,SX-ADB,PH-MVB
Spotted: EHHV 19760804
G-ARCMCessna 172Bc/n: 172-47852History: G-ARCM>
Spotted: EHRD 19780430,EGMC 19780913,EHRD 19781122,EHRD(1) 19781123,EHRD(2) 19781123,EHRD 19781124,EHRD 19790730 AZ33
Picture at: EHRD 19780430
G-ARMPCessna 172Bc/n: 172-48563History: >
Spotted: EGMC 19780913 AR26
Picture at: EGMC 19780913
OY-AEVCessna 172 Skyhawkc/n: 172-49207 History: (1962) OY-AEV, Crashed 19931219
Spotted: EKRK 19840823 CB13
Picture at: EKRK 19840823
D-EHDUCessna 172C Skyhawkc/n: 172-49360History: N1660Y,D-EHDU,
Spotted: EHRD 19790704 AZ06
Picture at: EHRD 19790704
D-EHVLCessna 172C Skyhawkc/n: 172-49517History: N2017Y,D-EHVL
Spotted: EHRD 19750702
D-ELCE ?Cessna 172D Skyhawkc/n: 172-50085History: N4550F,(196303)D-ELCE(1),(1976) WFU
Spotted: EHTE 19830701
D-EMDOCessna 172E Skyhawkc/n: 172-50595History: N2995U,D-EMDO
Spotted: EBAW 19810719
Picture at: EBAW 19810719
PH-SNOCessna 172F Skyhawkc/n: 172-52635History: N8731U,PH-SNO,G-CFLY
Spotted: EHHV 19760804
N4392LCessna 172G Skyhawkc/n: 172-54473History: N4392L
Spotted: EBAW 19810719
N35711Cessna 172I Skyhawkc/n: 172-56925built 1968
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
N79543Cessna 172K Skyhawkc/n: 172-58163built 1969
Spotted: Kill Devil Hills 20140723
Picture at: Kill Devil Hills 20140723
N3851QCessna 172L Skyhawkc/n: 172-59951History: N3851Q,>
Spotted: EHRD 19830723 BX23
Picture at: EHRD 19830723
N20050Cessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-60962built 1972
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
N20249Cessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-61130History: N20249
Spotted: EHRD 19800302
D-EDAJCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-61886History: N12214,D-EDAJ
Spotted: EHRD 19760419
D-EPUTCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-62514History: N13124,(199911)D-EPUT
Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
PH-KACCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-62999History: N13758,(2.76) PH-KAC
Spotted: EHSE 19760808,EHLE 19810620,EHTE 19830701,EHLE Aviodrome 20060830
Picture at: EHLE Aviodrome 20060830
N4383RCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-63133History: N4383R,>
Spotted: EHRD 19791118
N21246Cessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-63914History: (197409),(199311) N21246
Spotted: EHHV 20030512
Picture at: EHHV 20030512
D-ETWBCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-64568History: N9950V,(199205)D-ETWB
Spotted: EDXN 20130817
Picture at: EDXN 20130817
I-AINCCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-64625History: (1975)I-AINC
Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
D-ENFSCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-66396History: (N30MP),(198808)D-ENFS
Spotted: EDXJ 20140620
Picture at: EDXJ 20140620
PH-EHOCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-67148History: N1481U,(199712)PH-EHO
Spotted: EHRD 20050316 (noted as EBO?)
PH-PBLCessna 172M Skyhawkc/n: 172-67417History: (1976)PH-PBL
Spotted: EHRD 20030501
Picture at: EHRD 20030501
PH-JNPCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-67803History: N75554,PH-JNP
Spotted: EHRD(1) 20020427,EHRD 20030501
Picture at: EHRD(1) 20020427
EC-HLTCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-67862FF 1976
History: N75630,(198906)F-GFYY,(200007)EC-HLT
Spotted: LESL 20070810
Picture at: LESL 20070810
F-GFCTCessna 172 N (Reims assembled?)c/n: 172-67974built 1976
History: .. (198802)F-GFCT
Spotted: LFOY 20170607
Picture at: LFOY 20170607
EC-GAKCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-69089History: N734SZ,(199504)EC-GAK
Spotted: LESL 20070810
Picture at: LESL 20070810
SE-GTLCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-69254History: N734ZW,SE-GTL
Spotted: EHRD 19790409
OO-WVSCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-69394built 1978
Spotted: EBKT 20110511
Picture at: EBKT 20110511
F-GHEVCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-69730FF 1977
History: (199012)F-GHEV
Spotted: LFPA 20100919
Picture at: LFPA 20100919
OY-CSPCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-70336built 1978
History: N738YF,(1987)OY-CSP
Spotted: EKVD 20140622
Picture at: EKVD 20140622
N738ZWCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-70375History: (1978),..,(200301)N738ZW
Spotted: EHLE 20030906
Picture at: EHLE 20030906
D-EGLXCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-71099History: N1679E,(198905)D-EGLX,(ca2003)LZ-…,(2003)D-EGLX
Spotted: EHDR 20141026
Picture at: EHDR 20141026
N202PYCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-71126Spotted: EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20040904
PH-GVECessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-71494History: N3296E,PH-GVE
Spotted: EHRD(1) 20020427,EHRD 20020613
Picture at: EHRD 20020613
I-PVLCCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-72343History: N4732D,SE-INU,D-EWGN,(2006)I-PVLC
Spotted: LILY 20110725
Picture at: LILY 20110725
OK-JKVCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-72765History: OK-JKV
Spotted: EDXJ 20140620
Picture at: EDXJ 20140620
N43573Cessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-72945History: (02.98)N43573
Spotted: EBAW 20010607
N4847GCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-73394built 1979
Spotted: Kill Devil Hills 20140723
Picture at: Kill Devil Hills 20140723
D-EJHLCessna 172N Skyhawkc/n: 172-73730History: N5204J,(198812)D-EJHL
Spotted: EDLF 20010718
PH-LFACessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-74058History: N5309K,PH-LFA
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20030906
Picture at: EHLE 20020831
PH-SELCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-74194built 1980
History: N6409K,(199007)PH-SEL
Spotted: EHRD 20160903
Picture at: EHRD 20160903
PH-GRHCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-74269History: (1981)PH-GRH
Spotted: EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621
F-GHFCCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-74447History: (198012)F-GHFC
Spotted: LFFE 20100919
Picture at: LFFE 20100919
PH-SKECessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-74730History: N53364,PH-SKE
Spotted: EHHV 19830626,EHHV 20170905,EHHV 20170912
Picture at: EHHV 20170905
PH-DONCessna 172Pc/n: 172-74985built 1981
History: (1981?)N54484,(199604)
Spotted: EHHV 20170912
Picture at: EHHV 20170912
PH-TXLCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75067History: N54850,(198711)PH-TXL
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
PH-KBACessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75109History: N55106,PH-KBA
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20030906,EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20030906
PH-LFBCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75363History: N62943,(1982) PH-LFB
Spotted: EHLE 19930828,EHLE 20020831
Picture at: EHLE 20020831
PH-ACMCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75454History: N63602,(199205)PH-ACM
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
PH-ASYCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75551History: N64375,PH-ASY
Spotted: EHLE 20020831
Picture at: EHLE 20020831
PH-PJLCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75586History: N64578,(198706)PH-PJL
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20030906,EHLE 20040904,EHLE 20050827,EHLE 20060830,EHLE 20101120
Picture at: EHLE 20101120
PH-JNACessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75773History: N65524,LN-NFK,N65524,(198911)PH-JNA
Spotted: EHRD 20010729,EHRD(1) 20020427,EHRD 20020613,EHRD 20030327,EHRD 20030501,EHRD 20031009,EHRD 20031120,EHRD 20040809,EHRD 20040811,EHRD(1) 20050612,EHRD 20070616
Picture at: EHRD 20010729
PH-TWMCessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75859History: (1983)
Spotted: EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621
N65909Cessna 172P Skyhawkc/n: 172-75920History: (1983),(199608)
Spotted: EHLE 20020831
N920CFCessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80112built 1997
Spotted: KEYW 20140802
Picture at: KEYW 20140802
F-GSCPCessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80170FF 1997
History: (199803)F-GSCP
Spotted: LFPA 20100919
Picture at: LFPA 20100919
PH-VDMCessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80187Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHRD 20040811,EHRD 20050316,EHRD(1) 20050612,EHRD 20070616
PH-BVECessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80188History: (1997)PH-BVE,WO 20071019 nr EHLE after collission with PH-BZN
Spotted: EHRD 20040718,EHRD 20040811,EHRD(1) 20050612,EHRD(2) 20050612
D-EOEUCessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80200History: N9949F,(199712)D-EOEU
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
D-EAPZCessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80269History: N427ES,(2003)D-EAPZ
Spotted: EDWX 20130817
Picture at: EDWX 20130817
PH-KBYCessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80482History: N9537F,PH-KBY
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20030906,EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20020831
OO-KPACessna 172R Skyhawkc/n: 172-80521History: N9573G,D-EPRP(2),OO-KPA
Spotted: EBAW 20010213
D-EOLXCessna 172R Skyhawk IIc/n: 172-81332History: D-EXAF,(2007)D-EOLX(2)
Spotted: EDWE 20130816
Picture at: EDWE 20130816
OM-STCCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S-History: (2010?)>
Spotted: EHRD(1) 20050612
Picture at: EHRD(1) 20050612
D-EAZLCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S- 8299History: N406SP,(201006)D-EAZL(3
Spotted: ETMN 20130817
Picture at: ETMN 20130817
PH-BSACessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S- 8387History: N23842,(200005)PH-BSA
Spotted: EHKD 20070915
Picture at: EHKD 20070915
T7-VIPCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S- 8742Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
N35229Cessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S- 8837built 2001
History: (200207)N35229
Spotted: KEYW 20140802
Picture at: KEYW 20140802
N2117YCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S- 9622built 2004
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
N1403RCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S- 9877History: (200507?)N1403R
Spotted: KMTH 20140801
Picture at: KMTH 20140801
D-EDDXCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S-10124built 2006
History: N1700G,200604)D-EDDX
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
D-EXAHCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S-10264History: N6057U,(200606)D-EXAH
Spotted: EKVD 20140622
Picture at: EKVD 20140622
D-EDDHCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S-10393built 2006
History: N13470,(200612)D-EDDH(4)
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
OY-LRPCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S-10447built 2007
History: N2138U
Spotted: EKEB 20140620
Picture at: EKEB 20140620
F-HFPHCessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S-10703Spotted: LFPB S 20130622
Picture at: LFPB S 20130622
N459JACessna 172S Skyhawk SPc/n: 172S-11009History: (201103?)N459JA
Spotted: KEYW 20140802
Picture at: KEYW 20140802
PH-PIMCessna R.172K Hawk XPc/n: R172-2376History: N736AQ,PH-PIM
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20040904
N4962VCessna 172RG Cutlass RG IIc/n: 172RG-0430History: (1980)..,(200011)N4962V
Spotted: EHRD(1) 20020427,EHLE 20020928,EHRD 20040811
Picture at: EHRD(1) 20020427
F-BRSO ?CF.172 ?? (BRSG=182)c/n: Spotted: EHRD 19730710
PH-AWB (WAB?)CF172c/n: Spotted: EHRD 19840922
PH-EDI ? HCF172c/n: Spotted: EHRD 19830424
PH-JEL ??CF.172c/n: Spotted: EBAW 19810719
PH-SRF ?CF.172 (PH-SRO?, of VRF)c/n: Spotted: EHRD 19800506
PH-VSI ??CF.172 (=150L, c/n F15001125)
c/n: History: VSI crashed Seppe 25-1-1976
Spotted: EHSE 19760808
G-ASOKReims/Cessna F.172E Skyhawkc/n: 0057History: G-ASOK
Spotted: EHRD 19800926 BI31
Picture at: EHRD 19800926
PH-LZEReims/Cessna F.172E Skyhawkc/n: 0058History: D-ELZE,(196505)PH-LZE,OY-AZH
Spotted: EHLE 19760804,EHRD(1) 19781016,EHRD(2) 19781016
PH-GAWReims/Cessna F.172E Skyhawkc/n: 0083History: OO-PAT,(196504)PH-GAW
Spotted: EHLE 20050827
G-AZTKReims/Cessna F.172F Skyhawkc/n: 0116History: OO-SIR,PH-CON,G-AZTK
Spotted: EHRD 19780614
G-ATAFReims/Cessna F.172F Skyhawkc/n: 0135History: G-ATAF
Spotted: EHRD 19780817 AK16
Picture at: EHRD 19780817
PH-WVBReims/Cessna F.172F Skyhawkc/n: 0167History: (196505)PH-WVB,WO 19811120
Spotted: EHRD 19740914,>EHRD 19750426,EHRD 19760221,EHRD 19800803 BG24
Picture at: EHRD 19760221
G-ATFYReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0199History: G-ATFY
Spotted: EHRD 19750802 P,EHRD 19750803,EHRD 19750806
OO-MIXReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0212History: PH-MIX,(197110)OO-MIX
Spotted: EHRD 19740511
Picture at: EHRD 19740511
PH-KRIReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0218History: (196511)PH-KRI
Spotted: EHBK 19760807,EHBK 19760809
PH-BNVReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0240History: (196512)PH-BNV, .. G-BGMP
Spotted: EHRD 19730712,EHTE 19760802
G-ATLNReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0257History: G-ATLN
Spotted: EGMC 19780913
OO-VEVReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0262History: F-BNLB,(197007)OO-VEV,N600MK,HA-SLK
Spotted: EHBK 19760807
OO-RPAReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0267History: PH-RPA,(1976)OO-RPA,D-EKST
Spotted: EHRD 19780603
PH-RPAReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0267History: SEE: OO-RPA
Spotted: EHRD 19750630
D-EKOTReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0274History: D-EKOT(2)
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
OO-JVOReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0281History: (196604)OO-JVO
Spotted: EBAW 19810719
D-ENDIReims/Cessna F.172G Skyhawkc/n: 0293History: D-ENDI,EC-DNT
Spotted: EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19750803
G-AVCCReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0365History: G-AVCC
Spotted: EHRD 19780426 AC08,EHRD(1) 19780427,EHRD(2) 19780427,EHRD 19780428,EHRD 19780430,EHRD 19780502,EHRD 19780505
Picture at: EHRD 19780426
PH-TWEReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0376History: (196707)PH-TWE,>.
Spotted: EHRD 19781113 AS16,EHRD 19810419
Picture at: EHRD 19781113
D-EDEEReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0377built 1967
History: (196805)SE-EXB,(1994)OY-III,(200508)D-EDEE
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
PH-VSBReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0432History: N20432,(PH-AAK),(196811)PH-VSB, .. N4291P
Spotted: EHRD 19730710,EHRD 19740511,EHRD 19750209,EHSE 19760808,EHRD 19780807,EHRD 19780808,EHRD 19790506 AX16,EHTE 19810625,EHTE 19830701
Picture at: EHRD 19780808
OY-AHYReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0494History: (1968)OY-AHY
Spotted: EKVJ 20030718
Picture at: EKVJ 20030718
G-AWGDReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0503History: G-AWGD
Spotted: EHRD 19790715 AZ24
Picture at: EHRD 19790715
PH-SKIReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0505History: (196803)PH-SKI,G-BFJV
Spotted: EHHV 19760804
OY-AGBReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0527 History: (1968) OY-AGB
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
OY-AGGReims Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0539built 1968
History: (SE-FMP),(1968)OY-AGG
Spotted: EKSB 20140622
Picture at: EKSB 20140622
D-ELNFReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0540History: (196809)D-ELNF
Spotted: EDWE 20130816
Picture at: EDWE 20130816
F-BRBDReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0542History: (1968)F-BRBD
Spotted: LFPZ 20010113
PH-KARReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0556History: (196901)PH-KAR,SE-INN
Spotted: EHRD 19750802 P,EHSE 19760808,EHRD 19800816,EHSE 19810719,EHRD 19820922,EHRD 19830409,EHSE 19830621
OO-AWYReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0563History: (196902)OO-AWY
Spotted: EHRD 19741215,
PH-RPBReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0568History: (196811)PH-RPB
Spotted: EHRD 19730718,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19760728,EHRD 19790301,EHRD(1) 19790329 AW07,EHRD 19790718
Picture at: EHRD 19790301
G-AWUXReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0577History: G-AWUX
Spotted: EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19790405
G-AWUYReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0578History: G-AWUY
Spotted: EHRD 19780421 AC03
Picture at: EHRD 19780421
G-AWUZReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0587History: G-AWUZ
Spotted: EGKK 19780906
G-BCHJReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0606History: 9H-AAA,G-BCHJ
Spotted: EGGW 19780907
PH-VITReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0620History: (196906)PH-VIT,G-BGIU
Spotted: EHRD 19781104,EHRD 19781106 AS02,EHRD 19781107,EHRD 19781108
Picture at: EHRD 19781106
D-EABZReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0653History: D-EABZ(1),(197701)HB-CNF
Spotted: EHTE 19760802
G-BAKKReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0658History: N10658,5B-CBK,4X-CEB,G-BAKK
Spotted: EGGW 19780907 AM16
Picture at: EGGW 19780907
G-AXVXReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0664History: G-AXVX,CS-AUT
Spotted: EGHI 19780913,EHRD 19800913 (BI08)
Picture at: EHRD 19800913
D-EKKDReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0665History: (D-EKKR),D-EKKD
Spotted: EHRD 19760522
D-EMZFReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0667History: (197005)D-EMZF
Spotted: EDLN 20010718
PH-JWSReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0675History: (197001)PH-JWS
Spotted: EHRD 19730710,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19760925
Picture at: EHRD 19750401
PH-VSCReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0700History: (197003)PH-VSC,>.
Spotted: EHRD 19770517,EBAW 19810719
D-ECJCReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0734History: D-ECJC
Spotted: EHRD 19750713
G-AYUVReims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawkc/n: 0752History: G-AYUV
Spotted: EHRD 19780603
G-AYSGReims/Cessna F.172K Skyhawkc/n: 0758History: G-AYSG,EI-BPL
Spotted: EHRD 19780610
D-EGFFReims/Cessna F.172K Skyhawkc/n: 0774History: D-ECGV,(2000)D-EYAM,(2006)D-EGFF(2)
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
OO-RAQReims/Cessna F.172K Skyhawkc/n: 0788History: (D-ECKJ),OO-RAQ
Spotted: EHRD 19790701,EHRD 20020919
G-AYVBReims/Cessna F.172K Skyhawkc/n: 0792History: G-AYVB,G-TOBI
Spotted: EHRD 19800913
Picture at: EHRD 19800913
PH-VHNReims/Cessna F.172K Skyhawkc/n: 0802History: (197111)PH-VHN,G-BFPH
Spotted: EHTE 19760802
G-AZKZReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0814History: G-AZKZ
Spotted: EHRD 19740430,
PH-WAAReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0818History: (197204)PH-WAA
Spotted: EHRD 19730725,EHRD 19780603,EHRD 19811010,EHRD 19830409,EHRD 19830715,EHRD 19830729,EHTE 19830701 BX09,EHRD 19840630,EHLE 19930828
Picture at: EHTE 19830701
SE-FXRReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0830History: SE-FXR
Spotted: EHAM 19760806
PH-HGVReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0838History: PH-HGV, WO 19731009 Teuge, hangar fire
Spotted: Delft TH 19761218 P08
Picture at: Delft TH 19761218
PH-ADWReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0841History: PH-ADW,OK-CKB,PH-ADW
Spotted: EHRD 19821119,EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20030906
Picture at: EHLE 20020831
D-ECSVReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0845History: (197205)D-ECSV,(SP-FLR),SP-FEY
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,
PH-LUIReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0849History: (197205)PH-LUI
Spotted: EHRD 19740325,EHAM 19740729,EHRD 19750806,EHAM 19761228
PH-LUUReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0861History: (197206)PH-LUU
Spotted: EHRD 19750630,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19770601 W09,EHRD 19810717,EHRD 19830729,EHRD 20010729,EHRD(1) 20020427,EHRD(2) 20020427,EHRD 20020613,EHRD(1) 20050612
Picture at: EHRD 19770601
PH-VSFReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0877History: (197211)PH-VSF
Spotted: EHRD 19760926 M08,EHRD(2) 19780301,EHRD 19800803,EHAM 19820228,EHRD 19830729,EHRD 20020613,EHRD 20031009,EHRD 20031120,EHRD 20040718,EHRD 20040809,EHRD 20050316,EHRD(1) 20050612,EHRD(2) 20050612
Picture at: EHRD 19760926
PH-EHHReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0882History: (197210)PH-EHH
Spotted: EHRD 19750702
F-BTUHReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0885History: (1972)F-BTUH, WFU?
Spotted: LFPZ 20010113
F-BUMDReims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawkc/n: 0904built 1973
History: (197307)F-BUMD
Spotted: LFOP 20170610
Picture at: LFOP 20170610
G-BAXYReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0905History: N10636,G-BAXY
Spotted: EGPF 19780909
D-EEDGReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0906History: D-EEDG
Spotted: EHRD 19760330,EHRD 19780531
Picture at: EHRD 19780531
D-EEDSReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0918History: D-EEDS
Spotted: EHRD 19770622
PH-TGZReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0920History: (197212)PH-TGZ,G-BKIJ
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19760303,EHRD 19771130,EHRD 19771202,EHRD(2) 19780301,EHRD 19780824,EHRD(1) 19781030 AR33
Picture at: EHRD(1) 19781030
PH-SKTReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0936History: (197302)PH-SKT,G-BIGJ
Spotted: EHHV 19760804,EHRD 19780603,EHRD 19800413
LX-AIJReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0947History: (197303)LX-AIJ,F-GCQF
Spotted: EHRD 19780603 AE15
Picture at: EHRD 19780603
D-ECWQReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0950History: D-ECWQ
Spotted: EHRD 19750630,EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
PH-GONReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0953History: (197304)PH-GON
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,EHRD 19780417,EHRD 19780428 AC19
Picture at: EHRD 19780428
PH-JBCReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0960History: (197304)PH-JBC
Spotted: EHRD 19741106,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19751022 E13,EHRD 19780520,EHLE 19830626 BW11
Picture at: EHRD 19751022
PH-WAIReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0961History: (OO-WAP),(197306)PH-WAI
Spotted: EHTE 19760802,EHRD 19800526
PH-WABReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0964History: (197305)PH-WAB,G-BMHS
Spotted: EHSE 19760808,EHRD 19780222,EHRD 19790610,EHSE 19830621
PH-JBBReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0971History: (197305)PH-JBB
Spotted: EHTE 19760802,EHLE 20020831
D-EDEYReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0973History: F-WLIL,(197306)D-EDEY
Spotted: EDLK 20010718
Picture at: EDLK 20010718
PH-HVSReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0992History: (197308)PH-HVS,G-BGVS
Spotted: EHGG 19760805,EHRD 19781021 AR08
Picture at: EHRD 19781021
PH-VDKReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 0994History: (197308)PH-VDK(1),G-FOXY
Spotted: EHRD 19780520
D-EJXCReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1007History: (197310)D-EJXC
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
OO-DMFReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1015History: D-EJXA,OO-DMF
Spotted: EHRD 19781004
PH-ISLReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1018History: (1973)PH-GUS,(197507)OO-NIK,(200712)PH-ISL
Spotted: EHLE 20101120
PH-SMHReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1021History: (197310)PH-SMH,OY-AZE
Spotted: EHTE 19760802,EHRD 19780331
PH-PROReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1039History: (197311)PH-PRO
Spotted: EHGG 19760805,EHRD 19790627,EHRD 19790923 BB15,EHTE 19810625,Kijkduin (Den Haag) 19830605 ,EHTE 19830701
Picture at: EHRD 19790923
OY-ECNReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1041History: (1974)OY-ECN
Spotted: EHRD 19790506
SE-GGBReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1046History: SE-GGB
Spotted: EHRD 19790513 AX20
Picture at: EHRD 19790513
PH-KDEReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1058History: (G-BBLK),(197405)PH-KDE,G-IWPL
Spotted: EHRD 19781019
D-ELONReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1062History: D-ELON(3),Z3-DCL
Spotted: EHRD 19790520 AX23
Picture at: EHRD 19790520
PH-ADFReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1072History: (197401)PH-ADF,OY-AZK
Spotted: EHRD 19760221,EHTE 19760802,EHRD 19780407
OO-SKGReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1091History: (197401)OO-SKG
Spotted: EHRD 19760925,EHAM 19760806,EHSE 19830621 BV23
Picture at: EHSE 19830621
G-BBTGReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1097History: G-BBTG
Spotted: EHRD 19780315 AB17
Picture at: EHRD 19780315
D-EDXMReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1100History: (197407)D-EDXM
Spotted: EDWE 20130816
Picture at: EDWE 20130816
PH-GREReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1110History: (197405)PH-GRE,G-BIIB
Spotted: EHRD 19750521,EHGG 19760805,EHRD(2) 19780818 AK21,EHRD 19800816
Picture at: EHRD(2) 19780818
OY-RYYReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1116 History: (1974) OY-RYY
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
PH-MIEReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1122History: (197403)PH-MIE,>.
Spotted: EHRD 19750713,EHRD 19751021,EHTE 19810625,EHTE 19830701
PH-MIFReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1124History: PH-MIF, cr 197604 EHHV
Spotted: EHAM 19740729,EHTE 19760802
OO-ALEReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1126History: (197404)OO-ALE(2)
Spotted: EBSL 19810717
PH-DMFReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1137History: (EI-AYO),(197406)PH-DMF,G-BFLO,G-DEMH
Spotted: EHRD 19741018,EHRD 19750521,EHRD 19760925
PH-SKAReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1170History: (D-EDJP),PH-SKA
Spotted: EHHV 19830626,EHLE 19830626
OY-BIUReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1179 History: (1975) OY-BIT
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
D-EOQLReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1203History: (197507)D-EOQL
Spotted: EDLF 20010718
Picture at: EDLF 20010718
F-BVXBReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1204History: (1975)F-BVXB
Spotted: LFPZ 20010113(DU22)
Picture at: LFPZ 20010113
PH-JBDReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1207History: (197410)PH-JBD, cr 19790819
Spotted: EHTE 19760802,EHRD 19780603
PH-ABAReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1212History: (D-EEVC),(197506)PH-ABA,G-BFXI,G-ICOM
Spotted: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M18
Picture at: EHRD 19760925
PH-TWNReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1217History: PH-TWN,G-GWYN
Spotted: EHRD 19770923,EHRD 19771013
PH-ALWReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1226History: (197505)PH-ALW
Spotted: EHBK 19760807,EHBK 19760809,EHLE 20050827
SE-GKFReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1231History: SE-GKF
Spotted: EHRD 19790513 AX21
Picture at: EHRD 19790513
PH-MIGReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1234History: PH-MIG,G-LOOK
Spotted: EHAM 19761228
PH-VSJReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1250History: PH-VSJ
Spotted: EHRD 19760925,EHSE 19760808,EHRD 19760926 [M17]
Picture at: EHRD 19760925
N910LCReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1256History: D-EDRF,PH-COZ,N910LC
Spotted: EHRD 20040718
PH-COZReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1256History: SEE: N910LC
Spotted: EHLE 19760804,EHRD(2) 19790223,EHRD 19800823 (BG28)
Picture at: EHRD 19800823
PH-SIRReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1263History: D-ELEX,(1974)PH-SIR
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800513,EHRD 19830409,EHLE 19930828,EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20020831
F-BXZOReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1274built 1974
History: (197604)F-BXZO
Spotted: LFPA 20100919
Picture at: LFPA 20100919
PH-BADReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk IIc/n: 1284History: PH-BAD
Spotted: EHHV 19760804,EHRD(1) 20020427,EHRD(2) 20020427,EHRD 20040718,EHTX 20081022
Picture at: EHTX 20081022
OO-VREReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1287History: (OO-WAO),OO-VRE
Spotted: EHAM 19760806
PH-TGWReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1294History: PH-TGW,OO-TGW
Spotted: EHRD 19751023 E19,EHGG 19760805,EHRD 19771101
Picture at: EHRD 19751023
LN-ASKReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1327History: LN-ASK
Spotted: EHRD 19790708 AZ15
Picture at: EHRD 19790708
PH-JDBReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1328History: D-EDZJ,(197706)PH-JDB,D-EHOL(3)
Spotted: EHTE 19810625,EHTE 19830701
OY-BIKReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1333History: (1975)OY-BIK
Spotted: EHRD 19790711 AZ22
Picture at: EHRD 19790711
PH-AWIReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1343History: (D-EDQJ),(F-BXZU),D-EDHZ,PH-AWI
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19790329,EHHV 19830626
D-EOGUReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1346History: D-EOGU(2)
Spotted: EHRD 19781027 AR30
Picture at: EHRD 19781027
G-ENIIReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1352History: PH-WAG,(197901)G-ENII
Spotted: EBOS(1) 20070527,EBOS(2) 20070527,EBOS 20070528
Picture at: EBOS 20070528
PH-WAGReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1352History: (D-EDQM),PH-WAG,G-ENII
Spotted: EHRD 19780227,EHRD 19780604
PH-LUYReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1354History: F-WLIT,PH-LUY,G-YORK
Spotted: EHAM 19760806,EHAM 19771116,EHRD 19771205
PH-RBRReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1366History: (197606)PH-RBR,(D-EGWZ),PH-RBR
Spotted: EHHV 19760804,EHRD 19810308,EHRD 19830506,EHRD 19850505
PH-PLOReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1370 (1376?)History: (D-EGIA),(197603)PH-PLO,G-BKII
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
D-EFMRReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1378History: D-EFMR
Spotted: EHRD 19780417
PH-BETReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1380History: D-EFMS,(5.77) PH-BET,G-BKLO(P?)
Spotted: EHAM 19790322,EHLE 19810620
PH-MIPReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1382History: PH-MIP
Spotted: EHLE 19760804,EHGG 19760805,EHAM 19761228,EHRD 19771110,EHRD 19780531,EHRD 19780603,EHRD 19780109,EHHV 19830626
PH-MIOReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk IIc/n: 1384History: PH-MIO,G-BFPM
Spotted: EHAM 19760806,EHAM 19760809
LN-ALEReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1385History: N31058,LN-ALE
Spotted: EHRD 19790708 AZ14
Picture at: EHRD 19790708
D-ELJAReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1393History: D-ELJA(1)
Spotted: EHLE 20020831
G-BEZRReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1395History: G-BEZR
Spotted: EHRD 19800413
PH-CIAReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1396History: PH-CIA,G-YTWO
Spotted: EHRD 19780130
Picture at: EHRD 19780603
OY-BULReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1402 History: (1976)OY-BUL,(1994)PH-TWS
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
PH-JBEReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1417History: (197607)PH-JBE,(198108)G-BDJW(BJDW?)
Spotted: EHTE 19760802,EHAM 19760806,EHRD 19810130,EHTE 19810625
Picture at: EHTE 19810625
D-EOXIReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1419History: (197603)D-EOXI
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
F-BXQQReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1434History: (76)F-BXQQ
Spotted: LFPZ 20010113 DU08
Picture at: LFPZ 20010113
G-BDPFReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1436History: G-BDPF,G-BZZD
Spotted: EHRD 19840630 BZ15
Picture at: EHRD 19840630
OO-CNCReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1440History: OO-CNC
Spotted: EHRD 19800330 ,EHRD 19800526
PH-WLHReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1443History: OO-CNE,PH-WLH,G-BKEV
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19780920,EHRD 19790529,EHLE 19810620 (BM19)
Picture at: EHLE 19810620
D-EECMReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1444History: D-EECM(2)
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19780920,EHRD 19780921
OY-BUFReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1453 History: (1976)OY-BUF
Spotted: EKRK 19840823 CB16
Picture at: EKRK 19840823
G-BEBIReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1461History: G-BEBI
Spotted: EHRD 19780614
PH-PVGReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1473History: (197610)PH-PVG
Spotted: EHRD 19790825 BA09,EHRD 19790826,EHRD 19790902,EHRD 19800816,EHRD 20070616
Picture at: EHRD 19790825
SE-GMVReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1486History: SE-GMV,OY-PCC
Spotted: EHAM 19760803
F-GAGXReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1498built 1976
History: (197703)F-GAGX
Spotted: LFOB 20100919
Picture at: LFOB 20100919
D-ELFNReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1499History: (197707),WO 19850901,rebuilt 198707
Spotted: EDXN 20130817
Picture at: EDXN 20130817
PH-LPOReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1500History: (1976)PH-LPO
Spotted: EHHO 19830701,EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621
F-GASBReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1508built 1976
History: (197708)F-GASB
Spotted: LFOY 20170607
Picture at: LFOY 20170607
OO-LNCReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1510History: F-BUDU,OO-LNC,D-ECII(3),
Spotted: EHRD 19800913,EBLE 20090918
Picture at: EBLE 20090918
PH-TWYReims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawkc/n: 1513History: PH-TWY
Spotted: EHRD 19780824,EHLE 20030906,EHLE 20050827
PH-SROReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1528History: PH-SRO,OO-LWC,PH-SRO,D-ELUP(3)
Spotted: EHRD 19780531
PH-HMPReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1531History: D-EGTK,(197704)PH-HMP,>.
Spotted: EHTE 19830701,EHTE 19810625
PH-KADReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1532History: PH-AXD(1),(197710)PH-KAD
Spotted: EHAM 19771116,EHAM 19790209,EHRD(1) 19800323 (BD32),EHRD 19800913,EHRD 19811009,EHLE 20020831
Picture at: EHRD(1) 19800323
F-WZDTReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1545History: (1977)F-WZDT,(197711)G-BFGD
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611,xLFPB 19770612
PH-SKBReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1549History: PH-AXM(1),PH-SKB
Spotted: EHHV 19830626
PH-FLEReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1553History: D-ENTE,PH-FLE
Spotted: EHLE 20040904
PH-CIOReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1556History: PH-AXU(1),PH-CIO
Spotted: EHHO 19830701
PH-OJDReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1564History: PH-AXV(1),PH-OJD, cr 19810509
Spotted: EHRD 19780604,EHRD 19800427
LN-ALBReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1566History: (1977?)LN-ALB
Spotted: EHRD 19790708 AZ17
Picture at: EHRD 19790708
PH-TWBReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1572History: D-EBJG,PH-TWB
Spotted: EHRD 19820922
PH-GRTReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1589History: PH-AXA(1),PH-GRT,G-DCKK
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19790412 AW20,EHRD 19790825
Picture at: EHRD(2) 19790412
PH-JRAReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1592History: PH-AXB(1),PH-JRA,G-NICK,G-MICK(?)
Spotted: EHRD 19780227,EHRD 19790323
PH-RESReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1597History: PH-AXN(1),PH-RES
Spotted: EHRD 19780421,EHRD 19780502 AC30,EHRD(2) 19790208,EHRD 19790704,EHRD 19800413,EHHV 19830626
Picture at: EHRD 19780502
PH-EAMReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1602History: PH-AXP(1),PH-EAM
Spotted: EHAM 19830618,EHLE 19830626,EHAM(2) 20031202,EHAM(2) 20031209,EHAM(2) 20040308,EHAM(2) 20040622,EHAM(2) 20040629,EHAM(2) 20041012,EHAM 20040911,EHAM(2) 20050113,EHAM(1) 20050424,EHAM 20050612,EHAM 20080830,EHAM 20090830
Picture at: EHAM 20080830
PH-MIRReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1603History: (197705)PH-MIR,SX-AJZ
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
PH-VSLReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1610History: (197708)PH-VSL,>.
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19790226,EHRD 19790227,EHRD(1) 19790402,EHRD 19790429,EHRD 19800330,EHSE 19810719,EHSE 19830621 ,EHRD 19830723
PH-HHEReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1617History: PH-AXW(1),(197712) PH-HHE
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19780820 AK23,EHAM 19790209,EHRD 19791024,EHRD 19800127,EHSE 19810719,EHRD 19821231,EHRD 19830729,EHRD 20010729,EHRD(1) 20020427,EHRD 20020613,EHRD 20030501,EHRD 20031009,EHRD 20031120,EHRD 20040809,EHRD 20040811,EHRD 20050316,EHRD(1) 20050612,EHRD 20070616
Picture at: EHRD 19780820
PH-LENReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1619History: PH-LEN
Spotted: EHAM 19840426,EHAM(2) 20031209,EHAM(2) 20040308,EHAM(2) 20040622,EHAM(2) 20040629,EHAM 20040809,EHAM 20040911,EHAM(2) 20041012,EHAM 20050109,EHAM(2) 20050113,EHAM(1) 20050312,EHAM(1) 20050424,EHAM 20050612,EHAM 20090221,EHAM 20090830,EHHV 20170905,EHHV 20170912
Picture at: EHAM 20090830
PH-DPAReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1622History: PH-AXY(1),PH-DPA,G-JFWI
Spotted: EHRD 19791221
PH-VLSReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1631History: PH-AXZ(1),(1977) PH-VLS
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19780920,EHLE 19930828,EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20040904
Picture at: EHLE 20020831
PH-SBMReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1637History: (SU-…),D-EECW,PH-SBM
Spotted: EHRD 19780604,EHHV 19830626,EHRD 20030327,EHRD 20040811,EHRD 20070616
Picture at: EHRD 20070616
D-EECXReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1639History: (PH-ADR),D-EECX,WO 19820302,5H-PKD (so rebuild)
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
PH-TGVReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1640History: PH-TGV
Spotted: EHRD 19780214,EHRD 19780602,EHRD 19790205,EHRD 19790206,EHRD(1) 19790208 AT30,EHTX 20081022
Picture at: EHRD 19780602
OY-BJWReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1649 History: (1978) OY-BJW
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
OY-BJLReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1654 History: (1978) OY-BJL
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
PH-BORReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1656History: PH-AXG(1),PH-BOR,G-CBOR
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800513,EHRD 19800521,EHRD 19840922
LN-ALGReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1668History: (200604?)LN-ALG
Spotted: ENVA 20120602
Picture at: ENVA 20120602
PH-SKCReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1673History: (SX-…),F-BNGR,PH-AXH(2),(197809)PH-SKC
Spotted: EHRD 19811006 BP04,Kijkduin (Den Haag) 19830605,EHHV 19830626,EHHV 20170905,EHHV 20170912
Picture at: EHRD 19811006
F-GLOOReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1690built 1978
History: (199812)F-GLOO
Spotted: LFPA 20100919
Picture at: LFPA 20100919
PH-KDKReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1691History: PH-AYG(1),PH-KDK
Spotted: EHRD 19780720
PH-BAXReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1699History: PH-AXD(2),PH-BAX,D-EDHX
Spotted: EHRD 19780811,EHAM 19790209,EHRD 19790408 AW14
Picture at: EHRD 19790408
PH-MEMReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1707History: (PH-WEB),N9899A,(198003)PH-MEM,(198611)G-CSCS
Spotted: EHTE 19810625,EHRD 19821227
PH-KDNReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1735History: D-EFEA,PH-KDN
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20040904
D-EFEBReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1737History: (197810)D-EFEB(2)
Spotted: EDLF 20010718
PH-BIRReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1744History: (F-BRQG),PH-AXK(2),PH-BIR,WO 19810103 blown over after landing at Dusseldorf
Spotted: EHRD 19790228,EHRD(2) 19790329,EHRD 19790505,EHRD 19800521
PH-JMRReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1749History: PH-AYN(1),PH-JMR,D-EJMR
Spotted: EHTE 19830701 BX10
Picture at: EHTE 19830701
PH-JBFReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1757History: (197911)PH-JBF
Spotted: EHTE 19810625,EHTE 19830701
PH-IOOReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1758History: PH-AXJ(2),PH-IOO, cr 1979
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19790402
PH-DPLReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1775History: PH-AXY(2),(1979)PH-DPL
Spotted: EHRD 19790704,EHRD 19790916 BB11,EHRD 19791024,EHRD 19850505
Picture at: EHRD 19790916
G-BGHJReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1777History: G-BGHJ,EI-BVF,G-BGHJ
Spotted: EHSE 19830621 BV21
Picture at: EHSE 19830621
PH-JLOReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1784History: (197902)PH-JLO,>.
Spotted: EHRD 19810223,EHHO 19830701
PH-MBUReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1785History: (F-GBJS),PH-AYK(2),(197906)PH-MBU,>.
Spotted: EHLE 19810620,EHLE 19830626,EHLE 20020928,EHLE 20030906
PH-ATWReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1802History: (PH-AYB(2)),PH-ATW
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19790426,EHRD 19790730,EHRD 19800111
D-EONNReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1805History: (197904)D-EONN
Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
PH-BYLReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1809History: (197904)PH-BYL,(198303)G-BKLP
Spotted: EHAM 19810404
OY-CBZReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1815Spotted: EHRD 19810315 BJ22
Picture at: EHRD 19810318
PH-HMKReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1836History: (197907)PH-HMK
Spotted: EHTE 19810625,EHHO 19830701 BX03
Picture at: EHHO 19830701
PH-GEOReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1837History: (197907)PH-GEO
Spotted: EHRD 19790912,EHRD(1) 19800513,EHRD 19811010,EHAM 19820228,EHHV 19830626,Scheveningen 19830611,EHLE 20060830
PH-MDFReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1842History: (PH-MFD),PH-MDF
Spotted: EHRD 19790826,EHLE 20030906,EHLE 20050827
Picture at: EHLE 20030906
PH-MBVReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1849History: PH-AYO(2),PH-MBV
Spotted: EHRD 19830409,EHLE 19830626,EHLE 20020928
Picture at: EHLE 20020928
G-LANEReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1853History: G-LANE
Spotted: EHRD 19800427
PH-BITReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1863History: PH-BIT
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800705 (BG12)
Picture at: EHRD(1) 19800705
PH-BVLReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1868History: (PH-AXC),PH-AXE,(197911)PH-BVL
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800316,EHRD 19810614,EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20040904,EHLE 20060830,EHLE 20101120
D-EFOUReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1871History: D-EFOU,PH-GYS
Spotted: EHRD(1) 19800705 BG13
Picture at: EHRD(1) 19800705
PH-GYSReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1871History: D-EFOU,PH-GYS
Spotted: EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20050827
G-MALKReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1886History: PH-AXF(3),(197912) PH-SVS,(198106) G-MALK
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
PH-SVSReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1886History: PH-AXF(3),PH-SVS,G-MALK
Spotted: EHRD 19800913
PH-TGMReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1887History: (D-EEOR),PH-AXV(3),PH-TGM
Spotted: EHRD 19780608,Aviodrome 20060106
G-BGNSReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1901History: (197910)G-BGNS, WO 19871016
Spotted: EHRD 19810318 BJ27
Picture at: EHRD 19810318
F-GBQZReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1902History: (79)F-GBQZ
Spotted: LFPZ 20010113
D-EIMIReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1906History: (197911)D-EIMI
Spotted: EDXJ 20140620
Picture at: EDXJ 20140620
PH-AMBReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1921History: PH-AXM(3),PH-AMB
Spotted: EHLE 19830626 BW03,EHLE 19930828,EHLE 20020831,EHLE 20040904,EHLE 20050827
Picture at: EHLE 19830626
PH-VSPReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1951History: (PH-AXN(3)),(1979)PH-VSP
Spotted: EHSE 19810719
PH-OTKReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1963Spotted: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106,EHLE Aviodrome 20060830
Picture at: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106
D-EOOWReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1971History: (198005)D-EOOW
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
PH-CBNReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1985Spotted: EHHV 20030512,EHHV 20140906,EHHV 20170912
Picture at: EHHV 20030512
PH-SKDReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1992History: PH-AYB(3),PH-SKD
Spotted: Kijkduin (Den Haag) 19830605,EHHV 19830626 BW01
Picture at: EHHV 19830626
F-GGZOReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 1997built 1980
History: (198005)D-EIZO,(198907)F-GGZO,(C)
Spotted: EHRD 20040809
PH-SPYReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 2003History: D-EITH,PH-SPY,G-BXSR
Spotted: EHRD 19830729
PH-RCFReims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawkc/n: 2034History: PH-AYO(3),(1980)PH-RCF
Spotted: EHRD 19810318 BJ24,EHLE 20020831,EHAM(2) 20031202,EHAM(2) 20031209,EHAM(2) 20040203,EHAM(2) 20040217,EHAM(2) 20040308
Picture at: EHRD 19810318
PH-VSRReims/Cessna F.172P Skyhawkc/n: 2041History: F-GCYG,(1981)PH-VSR
Spotted: EHSE 19810719 BO33,EHSE 19830621,EHRD 19830728
Picture at: EHSE 19810719
D-EMHJCF172Pc/n: 2064built 1980
History: (1981)D-EODP,(198301)PH-WMA,(201402)D-EMHJ
Spotted: EHHV 20170912
Picture at: EHHV 20170912
PH-JBGReims/Cessna F.172P Skyhawkc/n: 2072History: PH-AYE(4),(198101)PH-JBG
Spotted: EHTE 19810625,EHAM 19830618,EHTE 19830701,EHAM 19840426
D-EDBSReims/Cessna F.172P Skyhawkc/n: 2093History: D-EDBS
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
D-EIRXReims/Cessna F.172P Skyhawkc/n: 2109History: (198108)D-EIRX
Spotted: EDWE 20130816
Picture at: EDWE 20130816
PH-AVAReims/Cessna F.172P Skyhawkc/n: 2184History: F-WZDD,PH-AXN(4),PH-AVA
Spotted: EHTE 19830701
PH-ANHReims/Cessna F.172P Skyhawkc/n: 2244History: (1980)PH-ANH
Spotted: EHRD 20040718,EHLE 20040904,EHRD 20050316,EHRD(2) 20050612
Picture at: EHRD 20040718
N5418VReims/Cessna F.172Rc/n: 2296built 1977
History: (200406)N5418V
Spotted: EHHV 20140906
Picture at: EHHV 20140906
PH-HAIReims/Cessna FR.172E Rocketc/n: 0022History: D-EDDC,PH-KRC,(197508)PH-HAI,G-OMAC
Spotted: EHRD 19760925,EHTE 19760802,EHRD 19770325,EHRD 19780807,EHSE 19810719,EHSE 19830621,EHHV 19830626
Picture at: EHTE 19760802
D-ENBKReims/Cessna FR.172E Rocketc/n: 0033History: OY-AHH,(196806)D-ENBK(2),(1986)N61ST
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19780301 AA17
Picture at: EHRD(2) 19780301
D-EBBDReims/Cessna FR.172F Rocketc/n: 0066History: D-EBBD
Spotted: EHRD 19790916
Picture at: EHRD 19790916
D-ELVFReims/Cessna FR.172F Rocketc/n: 0070History: (196903)D-ALVF
Spotted: LIRU 20090717
Picture at: LIRU 20090717
I-FFSMReims/Cessna FR.172G Rocketc/n: 0181History: (1970)I-FFSM
Spotted: LIQB 20090726
Picture at: LIQB 20090726
D-EACJReims/Cessna FR.172G Rocketc/n: 0183History: (1970)(D-EFHL),(197004)D-EACJ
Spotted: EHLE 19930828
PH-COXReims/Cessna FR.172G Rocketc/n: 0209History: PH-COX, cr 19760121
Spotted: EHSE 19760808
PH-AVLReims/Cessna FR.172G Rocketc/n: 0216History: PH-AVL,>.
Spotted: EHSE 19760808,EHSE 19810719 BO24,EHSE 19830621,EHRD 19840922
Picture at: EHSE 19810719
D-ECJVReims/Cessna FR.172H Rocketc/n: 0269History: D-ECJV
Spotted: EHRD 19750209
Picture at: EHRD 19750401
PH-RPCReims/Cessna FR.172H Rocketc/n: 0327History: (197206)PH-RPC,(198409)G-BLMX,(200008)G-BZVB
Spotted: EHRD 19740325,EHRD 19771215,EHRD 19780308,EHRD 19781013,EHRD 19790718 AZ31,EHRD 19810224,EHRD 19810409,EHRD 19830509
Picture at: EHRD 19790718
PH-DVWReims/Cessna FR.172H Rocketc/n: 0342History: (1972)..,PH-DVW
Spotted: EHRD 19820828,EHRD(2) 20020427
PH-EDIReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0352History: D-EEDI,(197804)PH-EDI,(198503)G-BLVT,G-LOYA
Spotted: EHAM 19790322,EHRD 19800106 (BC14),EHRD 19810409,EHRD 19830409
Picture at: EHRD 19800106
OO-WIYReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0353History: OO-WIY
Spotted: EHRD 19750517
D-EEDJReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0355History: D-EEDJ
Spotted: EHRD 19770517
G-BARCReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0356History: (D-EEDK),G-BARC
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19780828,EHRD(2) 19800902 (BG33)
Picture at: EHRD(2) 19800902
D-ECVFReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0378History: (197304)D-ECVF
Spotted: EDWE 20130816
Picture at: EDWE 20130816
D-ECWGReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0384History: D-ECWG
Spotted: EHRD 19780123,EHRD 19780124,EHRD 19780125,EHRD 19780126,EHRD 19780130,EHRD 19780131,EHRD 19780201,EHRD 19780202,EHRD 19780203,EHRD(1) 19780206,EHRD(1) 19780207,EHRD 19780208,EHRD 19780209,EHRD 19780210,EHRD(1) 19780213 Z29
Picture at: EHRD(1) 19780213
D-ECXMReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0407History: (197307)D-ECXM
Spotted: EDWE 20130816
Picture at: EDWE 20130816
D-EGBPReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0417History: D-EGBP
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
D-EJXXReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0437History: D-EJXX,HB-CIU
Spotted: EHSE 19830621 BV20
Picture at: EHSE 19830621
D-EENUReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0474History: (197405)D-EENU
Spotted: EDHE 20140620
Picture at: EDHE 20140620
PH-KOKReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0477History: (1974)PH-KOK,(G-IRLS
Spotted: EHTE 19760802
G-BHTWReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0486History: 5Y-ATO,(198008)G-BHTW,EI-CAA, WFU 1993
Spotted: EHRD 19810612 BM02
Picture at: EHRD 19810612
F-BVISReims/Cessna FR.172H Rocketc/n: 0491History: F-BVIS
Spotted: EHRD 20010729,
PH-CVLReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0529History: PH-CVL
Spotted: EHHO 19830701
PH-RPFReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0540History: (F-BJDY),(197602)PH-RPF,(198409)D-EDZG
Spotted: EHRD 19770325 R20,EHDL 19780617,EHRD 19781113,EHRD 19800330,EHRD 19800715,EHRD 19810325,
Picture at: EHRD 19770325
D-EKAFReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0560History: N31065,(197801)D-EKAF(2),(19830724) destroyed
Spotted: EHRD 19780808 AK03
Picture at: EHRD 19780808
PH-DIKReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0578History: D-EDBF,PH-DIK,YU-BPR,RC-BPR,9A-BPR
Spotted: EHTE 19830701
F-GAQTReims/Cessna FR.172J Rocketc/n: 0580History: F-GAQT
Spotted: EHRD 19830701 BX19
Picture at: EHRD 19830701
F-GAGPReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0593History: F-GAGP,F-ODHP,EC-DLR
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611,xLFPB 19770612
F-WZDUReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XP IIc/n: 0603History: (1977)F-WZDU,(197711)G-BFFZ,(200403)N..
Spotted: xLFPB 19770611,xLFPB 19770612
Picture at: LFPB 19770612
OE-DKXReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0628History: OE-DKX
Spotted: EHRD 19790603 AY04
Picture at: EHRD 19790603
PH-RASReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0630History: (PH-RAF),(197806)PH-RAS,D-EHKK(3)
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
Picture at: EHTE 19810625
D-EISPReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0633History: D-EISP
Spotted: EHRD 19820607 BR30
Picture at: EHRD 19820607
D-EJGGReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0634History: (200507)EC-JGG,(2010)D-EJGG
Spotted: EDXN 20130817
Picture at: EDXN 20130817
PH-RPGReims/Cessna FR.172J Hawk XPc/n: 0644History: PH-AXV(2),PH-RPG,>.
Spotted: EHTE 19810625
PH-PWHReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0658History: PH-AXT(3),PH-PWH,D-EFSF(2),
Spotted: EHRD(2) 19800618
OY-BNRReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0674 History: (1981) OY-BNR
Spotted: EKRK 19840823
OO-WINReims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XPc/n: 0760History: F-WLIO,(197109)OO-WIN
Spotted: EBZH(1) 19810718