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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Gloster G.5 Meteor. Click this image for a more detailed picture.

EE416Gloster Meteor F Mk.3c/n: History: EE416[G],STO Science Museum (cockpit section only, used for ejection seat trials)
Spotted: London – Science Museum 19780915
EE549Gloster Meteor F Mk.4c/n: built 1946
History: EE549[G],(195301)7008M,WFU 1968?,STO 197103-187909 Hendon,STO Tangmere, Sussex (ac used for high speed flight trials, 1946)
Spotted: Hendon 19780905
I- 19Gloster Meteor T.7c/n: History: WH233[G],I-19[PH]
Spotted: EHDL 19780617
  I- 69Gloster Meteor F Mk.4c/n: History: VZ409[G],I-69[PH]
Spotted: EHDL 19730630, EHSB 19760619, EHSB Museum 20060830, EHSB NMM 20170906
Picture at: EHSB NMM 20170906
I-320Gloster Meteor T.7c/n: History: VW417[G],I-320[PH],STO Beek,STO EHLW
Spotted: EHBK 19760807
NF11-5Gloster Meteor NF14c/n: History: WS747,F-ZABC,NF11-5,(198502) to museum
Spotted: LFPB Dugny 20100918
Picture at: LFPB Dugny 20100918
NF14-747Gloster Meteor NF14c/n: History: WS747,F-ZABM,NF14-747
Spotted: LFPB Dugny 20100918
Picture at: LFPB Dugny 20100918
I-187Gloster Meteor F Mk.8c/n: 6466History: I-320[PH],I-187[PH]
Spotted: EHSB 19760619
B-499Gloster Meteor Mk.8c/n: G5-373History: (195106)B/44-499[OY],WFU 1961,STO Stauning
Spotted: EKVJ Museum 20030718
Picture at: EKVJ Museum 20030718
G-LOSMArmstrong-Whitworth Meteor NF.11c/n: S4/U/2342History: WM167[G],(198406)G-LOSM,(CoA exp 20071106)
Spotted: EHTW 20030621
Picture at: EHTW 20030621