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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as McD /DC-2. Click this image for a more detailed picture.

A30-14Douglas DC-2-112c/n: 1288History: (1934)NC13738,(1941)A30-14[VH],(1946?)VH-CRH(1)
Spotted: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106, EHLE Aviodrome 20060830
Picture at: EHLE Aviodrome 20060106
PH-AJUDouglas DC-2-112c/n: 1404History: NC39165/”PH-AJU”
Spotted: to EHVB 19831123, EHLE 20020831, EHLE 20020928, EHTW 20030621, EHLE 20030906, EHLE 20040904, EHLE Aviodrome 20060830, EHVK 20090620