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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Schleicher 07. Click this image for a more detailed picture.

PH-271??Schleicher K.7 Rhönadlerc/n: Spotted: to EHYB 19820828
PH-271Schleicher K.7 Rhönadlerc/n: 1079History: PH-271
Spotted: EHRD 19800913
Picture at: EHRD 19800913
OO-ZYFSchleicher K.7 Rhönadlerc/n: 7013Spotted: LFYG 20110510
Picture at: LFYG 20110510
D-5029Schleicher K.7 Rhonadlerc/n: 7027/AHistory: D-5029
Spotted: EDLF 20010718
PH-284Schleicher K.7 Rhönadlerc/n: 7058History: PH-284
Spotted: EHRD 19800913, EHHO 19830701
Picture at: EHRD 19800913
PH-315Schleicher K.7 Rhönadlerc/n: 7095History: PH-315
Spotted: EHTL 19760717
PH-1239Schleicher K.7 Rhönadlerc/n: 7109History: D-1875,(200106)PH-1239
Spotted: EHVK 20090620
Picture at: EHVK 20090620
D-4357Schleicher K.7 Rhonadlerc/n: 7212History: D-4357
Spotted: EDRD 20020720
Picture at: EDRD 20020720
PH-264Schleicher K.7 Rhönadlerc/n: 868History: PH-264
Spotted: EHDS 19830701