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This page shows all aircraft I once logged and which I labeled as Vickers 953 Vanguard. Click this image for a more detailed picture.

G-APE.V.952c/n: Spotted: EHRD 19730424
G-APEGVickers 953 Vanguardc/n: 710History: G-APEG (converted 953C, when?)
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
G-APEJVickers 953 Vanguardc/n: 713History: G-APEJ (converted 953C, when?)
Spotted: EHAM 19760803
G-APEKVickers 953 Vanguardc/n: 714History: G-APEK (converted 953C, when?)
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
G-APEPVickers 953 Vanguardc/n: 719History: G-APEP (converted 953C, when?)
Spotted: EGLL 19780914
G-APESVickers 953 Vanguardc/n: 721History: G-APES (converted 953C, when?)
Spotted: EHRD 19790115
G-AYFNVickers 953 Vanguardc/n: 725History: C-FTKB,G-AYFN,TF-JES,G-AYFN,G-41-172(G),SE-FTK,G-AYFN,F-BXAJ,
Spotted: to EHRD 19750526