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On this page you will find an overview of movement logs I made in 1982. Click on a date to view the movements for that day and location.

1982-12-31EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven14:50-15:00
1982-12-27EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven13:00-13:25
1982-12-24EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven13:50-13:25
1982-11-19EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven12:00-13:25
1982-09-22EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven16:55-17:45
1982-08-28EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven21:35-21:45
1982-08-28to EHYBto Ypenburg AB16:30over Delft
1982-08-28Delft16:30over Delft
1982-08-04EHVBValkenburg Naval AB19:25-19:55
1982-07-15to EHYBto Ypenburg AB10:00-11:00Delft, vanaf flat
1982-06-08EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven14:20-15:05
1982-06-07EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven14:20-15:05
1982-06-05EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven15:35-15:45
1982-05-26EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven20:15-21:25
1982-05-14EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol15:10-17:55
1982-05-06EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven17:10-17:20
1982-02-28EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol15:40-16:00
1982-02-27EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol10:35-15:00fist visit Concorde