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On this page you will find an overview of the places I visited to spot and log aircraft in the year 2005. Click on a date to view the movements for that day and location.

2005-11-13Nieuwerkerkautobedrijf Van Vliet
2005-09-15EHEHEindhoven Apt
2005-09-15EBBEBeauvechain ABTrainer Meet & Fouga farewell
2005-09-06Brussels – Nord Stationfrom train, nr. Nord station
2005-08-30EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol15:00-16:05
2005-08-27EHLELelystad Apt14:25-16:25Dutch Aerobatic Championship
2005-08-26to Hoogeveen Apt10:05
2005-08-09EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol20:25
2005-08-09EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol18:05-18:25
2005-07-17EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol14:10from A4 Motorway
2005-07-17EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol12:20from A4 Motorway
2005-07-12EBAWAntwerp International Apt – Deurne16:20from A4 Motorway
2005-07-12EBAWAntwerp International Apt – Deurne13:40from A4 Motorway
2005-07-10EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol16:00from A4 Motorway
2005-07-10EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol13:45on viaduct A4 Motorway
2005-06-18Beervelde – De Groote NV
2005-06-18Paris, Disney Village – Chessy
2005-06-17Paris, Disney Village – Chessy
2005-06-16Paris, Disney Village – Chessy
2005-06-16Beervelde – De Groote NV
2005-06-12EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven19:35-ca20:00
2005-06-12Rotterdam – temp. airstrip Basaltweg14:00-18:15Redbull Airrace/Katendrecht Apt (temp. apt. Basaltweg)
2005-06-12EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven12:15-13:25
2005-06-12EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol11:15-11:40
2005-06-05EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol12:35from A4 Motorway
2005-04-24EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol
2005-04-24EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol
2005-03-16EHRDRotterdam Apt Zestienhoven17:45-18:40
2005-03-12EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol18:00
2005-03-12EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol15:10-15:25
2005-02-21EHLELelystad Apt17:25
2005-02-05EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol19:30from A4
2005-02-05EHVBValkenburg Naval AB15:45-16:10near C gate
2005-02-05EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol12:50-13:15
2005-01-29EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol15:00A4 apron
2005-01-13EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol20:19-21:10
2005-01-13LFPGParis – Charles de Gaulle Intl Aptca18:50-19:25
2005-01-13LFPGParis – Charles de Gaulle Intl Apt9:15-9:50
2005-01-13EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol6:40-8:27
2005-01-09EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol14:40-15:20