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On this page you will find an overview of the places I visited to spot and log aircraft in the year 2013. Click on a date to view the movements for that day and location.

2013-12-19EHVBValkenburg – Theater23:05Scene in musical “Soldier of Orange”
2013-10-20Kraggenburg – Brennels17:25-17:45
2013-09-29Kraggenburg – Brennels17:00
2013-09-21EBBRBrussels Apt – Zaventem11:30-15:05
2013-09-21EBMBMelsbroek AB (Brussels Apt)11:30-15:05Open Day 65 years 15 Wing
2013-09-10EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol15:50Polderbaan, from A5
2013-08-23Merville12:30-13:20Battery of Merville Museum
2013-08-22LFRKCaen – Carpiquet Apt19:45-20:15
2013-08-21Ranville16:20-16:50Pegasus Bridge Museum
2013-08-20Sainte Maire Eglise – Airborne Museum17:00-18:10Airborne Museum
2013-08-19Bayeux, Rue St. Jean 616:00Shop
2013-08-19A10 Airfield Carentan14:45-14:55Tank Museum
2013-08-17EHGGGroningen Apt – Eelde19:40-19:45dump
2013-08-17EDWFLeer – Papenburg Apt18:40-18:50
2013-08-17EDWXWesterstede – Felde Apt17:45-18:00
2013-08-17EDWIWilhelmshaven – Mariensiel Apt16:25-16:35
2013-08-17EDWBBremerhaven Apt – Luneort14:50-15:10
2013-08-17EDXNNordholz – Spieka Apt14:10-14:20
2013-08-17ETMNAeronauticum – museum13:55-14:00was closed
2013-08-17ETMNNordholz AB10:05-13:25Spottersday
2013-08-16EDWSNorden – Norddeich Apt18:25-18:35
2013-08-16EDWEEmden Apt17:00-17:45
2013-08-04Egmond aan Zee20:50-21:00Low over beach
2013-07-25Joure – Nutsbaan20:10-21:45Ballonfeesten
2013-07-19EHAMAmsterdam Apt – Schiphol17:40-21:15
2013-07-16Amsterdam Zuid17:30Kunst op de Zuidas
2013-07-10Amsterdam Zuid18:15Kunst op de Zuidas
2013-06-22LFPBParis Le Bourget10:50-16:30(non Salon)
2013-06-22LFPBParis Le Bourget10:50-16:30Air Salon