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This log contains those aircraft that I was able to log when visiting this location.
When I was able to take (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
If applicable the four letter ICAO code of that day is used.

Location: Rotterdam Apt Zestienhoven
Date: 1975-02-04

Photo Registration Details

G-ASKGType: Aviation Traders Ltd 98 Carvair
c/n: 10/10382
First flight: 19630729
History: 42-72277[N],N12491,LN-HAU(1),N1221V,LX-BBP,(1963?-196307)conv C-54A-15-DC > ATL-98,(196308)G-ASKG,(196903)F-BRPT,(197304)G-ASKG,(197502)TR-LUP,TL-AH.,TN-ADX,9Q-CTI,
Where & when: EHRD 19740325,EHRD 19750204

G-AXZLType: Beagle 206S
c/n: B.062/C38
First flight: 19670621
History: G-35-16,(PT-DIP),G-AXZL,(197506)N87631,N462LC,(197704)N62JS
Where & when: EHRD 19750204

G-AVNAType: Beechcraft 65-A.80 Queen Air
c/n: LC-267
First flight:
History: >
Where & when: EHRD 19750204

PH-HVDType: Bölkow 208C Junior
c/n: 616
First flight:
History: (D-EHET),PH-HVD
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19760419,EHSE 19760808 K06,EHRD 19790603,EHRD 19790610,EHRD(2) 19800618,EHRD 19840630

PH-VRGType: Jodel 111
c/n: 02
First flight:
History: F-BBBG(4),PH-VRG,OY-ALE,SE-BEB (converted 111 > 112 Club, when?)
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750517

PH-SRIType: Robin DR400/140 Major
c/n: 856
First flight: built 1973
History: (197309)PH-SRI,(197812)G-REGG,WO 198007 (destr, dereg 198402)
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750521,Schiedam 19750524,EHRD 19780603
 PH-SRKType: Robin HR200/100 Club
c/n: 12
First flight: built 1974
History: See G-BFBE
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHSE 19760808

PH-RPBType: Reims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawk
c/n: 0568
First flight:
History: (196811)PH-RPB
Where & when: EHRD 19730718,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19760728,EHRD 19790301,EHRD(1) 19790329 AW07,EHRD 19790718

PH-JBCType: Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk
c/n: 0960
First flight:
History: (197304)PH-JBC
Where & when: EHRD 19741106,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19751022 E13,EHRD 19780520,EHLE 19830626 BW11

F-BOXRType: Cessna T.210G Turbo-system Centurion
c/n: T210-0248
First flight:
History: N6848R,F-BOXR
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750325,EHRD 19750328
 PH-MYRType: Cessna 340
c/n: 340-0023
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19740701,EHRD 19741018,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750328,EHRD 19750521,EHTE 19760802,EHAM 19760806
 PH-VIRType: Cessna 421B Golden Eagle II
c/n: 421B-0506
First flight:
History: N41168,PH-VIR,D-IGPL
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19780331

PH-CTEType: Cessna 500 Citation
c/n: 500-0167
First flight:
History: (1974)N167CC,PH-CTE,N191AB,(199712)N246RR,(200210)N801KT,(200408)YV-..
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHGG 19760805,EHRD 19781107
 PH-SAWType: Cessna 500 Citation
c/n: 500-0225
First flight:
History: (N2225J),N5B,PH-SAW(1),OO-GPN,D-IDFD,VH-FSQ,VH-OIL,RP-C1500 WO 19970201 nr Butuan, Philippines
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750209,EHRD(2) 19750802,EHRD 19760522,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19771104

D-BAKIType: Fokker 27 Friendship 1000
c/n: 10102
First flight:
History: PH-NVF,D-BAKI,PH-NVF (converted > 1059 when?)
Where & when: >EHRD 19750107,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750325,EHRD 19750401,>EHRD 19750506,>EHRD 19750527,>EHRD 19750826,EHRD 19751021,>EHRD 19760127

G-AVXLType: Hawker Siddeley 125 3B
c/n: 25145
First flight:
History: G-5-20(G),G-AVXL,LN-NPC(1),G-AVXL,I-SNAF
Where & when: EHRD 19741106,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750630
 PH-OTEType: Pilatus PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo Porter
c/n: 685
First flight:
History: PH-OTE,N4926,HB-FIS
Where & when: EHRD 19730702,EHRD 19741018,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19750803,>EHRD? 19760504
 PH-LUFType: PA.18-150
c/n: 18- 2035
First flight:
History: 52-2453(N),R-68(PH),PH-LUF,D-ELUF
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750325,EHRD 19750521,EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022
 PH-AASType: PA-18A-150 Super Cub
c/n: 18- 4466 (8017?)
First flight:
History: PH-AAS,D-EMGB
Where & when: EHRD 19741018,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19750802

G-BBGEType: Piper PA.E23 Aztec 250D
c/n: 27-4373
First flight:
History: N6137Y,(197308)G-BBGE
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19780531

G-BBHFType: Piper PA.23 250 Aztec E
c/n: 27-7305166
First flight:
History: N40453,G-BBHF
Where & when: EHRD 19741215,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750322,EHRD 19750325

PH-BASType: PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain
c/n: 31-7305043
First flight:
History: N74909,(D-IDIK),OE-FMG,PH-BAS
Where & when: EHRD 19740508,EHRD 19740701,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750328,EHRD 19750521,EHRD 19750702,EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19750803,EHRD 19750806,EHRD 19760419 G36,EHRD 19760522,EHRD 19760925,EHAM 19760806,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19771101,EHRD 19780603,EHRD(1) 19800513

PH-AVMType: PA.34-200
c/n: 34-7250011
First flight:
History: see G-BETT
Where & when: EHRD 19730725,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751024

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