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This log contains those aircraft that I was able to log when visiting this location.
When I was able to take (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
If applicable the four letter ICAO code of that day is used.

Location: Rotterdam Apt Zestienhoven
Date: 1975-10-22

Photo Registration Details

D-ECMEType: Beechcraft 35-C.33A Debonair
c/n: CE- 63
First flight:
History: D-ECME
Where & when: EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19780421

PH-SRGType: Robin DR400/160 Chevalier
c/n: 807
First flight:
History: (197305)PH-SRG,WO 198304
Where & when: EHRD 19750521,Schiedam 19750524,EHRD 19751022,EHSE 19760808,EHRD 19780603,EHRD 19781021 AR07,EHRD 19800616

PH-SRHType: Robin DR400/180R Remorqueur
c/n: 843
First flight: built 1973
History: (197307)PH-SRH,(197911)G-BHHR,WO 198810 (crash)
Where & when: EHRD 19750521,Schiedam 19750524,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19760926 [M20],EHRD 19771013

PH-JBCType: Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk
c/n: 0960
First flight:
History: (197304)PH-JBC
Where & when: EHRD 19741106,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19751022 E13,EHRD 19780520,EHLE 19830626 BW11

N8198TType: Cessna 175A
c/n: 175-56898
First flight:
History: N8198T,(198709)D-EFWH(2),(1999)SP-KYM,(ca2004)SP-HKO
Where & when: EHRD 19730710,EHRD 19730712,EHRD 19750322,EHRD 19750325,EHRD 19750328,EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19750505,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19750630,EHRD 19750702,EHRD 19750713,EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19750803,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19751023,EHRD 19751024,EHRD 19760221,EHRD 19760228,EHRD 19760330,EHRD 19760419,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19770503,EHRD 19770518,EHRD 19770519,EHRD 19770525,EHRD(2) 19770527,EHRD 19770601,EHRD 19770606,EHRD 19771007,EHRD 19771011,EHRD 19771013,EHRD 19780814,EHRD(1) 19780828,EHRD(2) 19780828,EHRD 19780829,EHRD 19780901,EHRD 19780918,EHRD(1) 19780920,EHRD 19781021 AR09,EHRD(1) 19781121,EHRD 19790909,EHRD 19790923,EHRD 19790926,EHRD 19791104,EHRD 19791115,EHRD 19791118,EHRD 19791122,EHRD 19791202,EHRD 19791215,EHRD 19791221,EHRD 19800106,EHRD 19800111,EHRD(2) 19800119,EHRD 19800127,EHRD 19800203,EHRD 19800210,EHRD(1) 19800212,EHRD(2) 19800212,EHRD(1) 19800217,EHRD(2) 19800217,EHRD(1) 19800224,EHRD(1) 19800228,EHRD 19800229,EHRD 19800302,EHRD 19800309,EHRD(1) 19800316,EHRD(2) 19800316,EHRD(1) 19800323,EHRD(2) 19800323,EHRD 19800330,EHRD 19810717,EHRD 19810719,EHRD 19820828

PH-IFLType: Cessna 182P Skylane
c/n: 182-63106
First flight:
History: N7322N,PH-IFL,(198209)D-EHSZ
Where & when: EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19760926,EHAM 19761228

PH-KFFType: Cessna P.206 Super Skylane
c/n: P206-0141
First flight:
History: see OO-DRJ
Where & when: EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19751022,EHTE 19760802,EHRD(1) 19800224 (BD05)
 PH-CTCType: Cessna 500 Citation
c/n: 500-0098
First flight:
History: (1973)N598CC,PH-CTC,(OO-FCY),G-BNVY,PH-CTC,(199810)N500GR
Where & when: EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19751024,EHRD 19780921,EHRD 19790718,EHRD 19800427
 F-WXFFType: Aerospatiale (IRMA) SA.316B Alouette III
c/n: 5246
First flight: built 1975?
History: F-WXFF,EP-HGD
Where & when: EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19751024
 ..Type: F.27
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19751022
 PH-LUFType: PA.18-150
c/n: 18- 2035
First flight:
History: 52-2453(N),R-68(PH),PH-LUF,D-ELUF
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750325,EHRD 19750521,EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022
 PH-ROBType: Piper PA.18 150 Super Cub
c/n: 18- 7910
First flight:
History: N3974Z,PH-ROB(1)
Where & when: EHRD 19730725,EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19760522,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19770325,EHRD 19770601,EHRD 19780520,EHTE 19830701 BX14
 PH-NKFType: Piper PA.18 150 Super Cub
c/n: 18- 8220
First flight:
History: PH-NKF,OY-ALJ
Where & when: EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022

PH-NOAType: Piper PA-23 250 Aztec E
c/n: 27-7305142
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19730725,EHRD 19740325,EHRD 19750328,EHRD 19750505,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19750702,EHRD 19751022 E05,EHRD 19771007,EHRD 19780209,EHRD 19780520 AD12
 PH-NSFType: Piper PA.28 140 Cherokee F
c/n: 28-7325228
First flight:
History: PH-NSF,G-BEFF
Where & when: EHRD 19740511,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022

PH-NSKType: Piper PA.28 140 Cherokee F
c/n: 28-7325387
First flight:
History: PH-NSK,G-BFXK
Where & when: EHRD 19730725,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19751022 E08,EHRD 19760925,EHHV 19760804,EHRD 19770518 S35

PH-NSMType: Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee Cruiser
c/n: 28-7425143
First flight:
History: PH-NSM,G-CGHM
Where & when: EHRD 19740325,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751022 E12,EHRD 19760925

G-BBDRType: Piper PA.31 300 Navajo
c/n: 31- 56
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19740614,EHRD 19740701,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19751023,EHRD 19771013,EHRD 19771019,EHRD 19780124,EHRD 19780125,EHRD 19780302,EHRD 19780331,EHRD 19780426,EHRD 19780516,EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19780825,EHRD 19781015,EHRD(1) 19781016,EHRD(2) 19781016,EHRD 19781026,EHRD 19781027 AR28

SE-GDPType: PA.31-350
c/n: 31-7305052
First flight:
History: see G-BEZU
Where & when: EHRD 19751022 E10

G-BCBOType: PA.31P-425
c/n: 31P-7400196
First flight:
History: N7308L,(197403)G-BCBO,>
Where & when: EHRD 19751022
 ..Type: Grunau Baby
c/n: only wing
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19751022

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