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This log contains those aircraft that I was able to log when visiting this location.
When I was able to take (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
If applicable the four letter ICAO code of that day is used.

Location: Rotterdam Apt Zestienhoven
Date: 1976-09-26
Additional info: Vliegfeest 50 jaar R.A.C.

Photo Registration Details

G-AOFWType: Aviation Traders Ltd 98 Carvair
c/n: 12/10351
First flight: 19640211
History: 42-72246[N],(1947)N88919,(1963)conv C-54A-15-DC > ATL-98,(196402)G-AOFW,(196404)EC-WVD,(196404)EC-AVD,(196411)G-AOFW,
Where & when: EHRD 19731227,EHRD 19740508,EHRD 19750325,EHRD 19750806,EHRD 19760926,EGMC 19780913

F-PSYLType: Caudron G-3 (replica)
c/n: 01
First flight:
History: F-PSYL,F-AZBB,.-.
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926

OO-VDSType: Jodel 112 Club
c/n: 1461
First flight:
History: (197407)OO-VDS
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19780602,EBZH(1) 19810718 BN14,EBZH(2) 19810718,EBZH 19810719

G-BAFPType: Robin DR400/160 Chevalier
c/n: 735
First flight: built 1972
History: (197210)G-BAFP,(CoA exp 200804)
Where & when: EHRD 19760926 M17

PH-SRHType: Robin DR400/180R Remorqueur
c/n: 843
First flight: built 1973
History: (197307)PH-SRH,(197911)G-BHHR,WO 198810 (crash)
Where & when: EHRD 19750521,Schiedam 19750524,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19760926 [M20],EHRD 19771013

PH-SRLType: Robin HR200/100 Club
c/n: 20
First flight: built 1974
History: (197405)PH-SRL,(197704)G-BETD,(CoA exp 200801)
Where & when: EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750521,EHRD 19760926 M07

PH-GKGType: Reims/Cessna F.150L
c/n: 0673
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19740914,EHRD 19741106,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M05

PH-TWOType: Reims/Cessna F.150L
c/n: 0920
First flight:
History: see N3279G
Where & when: EHRD 19760926 M35

PH-VSTType: Reims/Cessna F.150M
c/n: 1199
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19751223,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M03,EHRD 19780130
 PH-VSKType: Reims/Cessna F.150M
c/n: 1252
First flight:
History: PH-VSK,G-FAYE
Where & when: EHSE 19760808,EHRD 19760926

PH-VSFType: Reims/Cessna F.172L Skyhawk
c/n: 0877
First flight:
History: (197211)PH-VSF
Where & when: EHRD 19760926 M08,EHRD(2) 19780301,EHRD 19800803,EHAM 19820228,EHRD 19830729,EHRD 20020613,EHRD 20031009,EHRD 20031120,EHRD 20040718,EHRD 20040809,EHRD 20050316,EHRD(1) 20050612,EHRD(2) 20050612
 PH-ABAType: Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk
c/n: 1212
First flight:
History: (D-EEVC),(197506)PH-ABA,G-BFXI,G-ICOM
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M18
 PH-VSJType: Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk
c/n: 1250
First flight:
History: PH-VSJ
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHSE 19760808,EHRD 19760926 [M17]
 PH-IFLType: Cessna 182P Skylane
c/n: 182-63106
First flight:
History: N7322N,PH-IFL,(198209)D-EHSZ
Where & when: EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19760926,EHAM 19761228
 PH-VIRType: Cessna 421B Golden Eagle II
c/n: 421B-0506
First flight:
History: N41168,PH-VIR,D-IGPL
Where & when: EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19780331

F-PPPIType: Emilien Croses LC-6 Criquet (EC-6?)
c/n: 3
First flight:
History: F-PPPI
Where & when: EHRD 19760926

PH-CSLType: De Havilland 82A Tiger Moth
c/n: 86609
First flight:
History: PG712(G),A-2(PH),OO-DJU,PH-CSL
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19780602,EHRD 19780603,EHDL 19780617
 VP965Type: De Havilland 104 Devon C.1
c/n: 04258
First flight:
History: VP965(G)
Where & when: EHSB 19760619,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926
 PH-DNIType: Douglas DC-9-32
c/n: 47132
First flight:
History: PH-DNI,N992US,PH-DNI,N944ML,N501ME
Where & when: EHRD 19730424,EHRD 19730701,EHRD 19730716,EHRD 19730726,EHRD 19740103,EHRD 19740701,EHRD 19740705,EHAM 19740729,EHRD 19741022,EHRD 19750209,EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19750806,EHRD 19751021,EHRD 19751023,EHRD 19760330,EHAM 19760806,EHAM 19760809,EHRD 19760926,EHAM 19761228,EHRD 19780130,EHAM 19830618,EHAM 19840709

G-AEEGType: Miles 3A Falcon Major
c/n: 216
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19760926

F-AZAKType: Morane Saulnier 230
c/n: 403
First flight:
History: M874(F),F-BEJO,F-AZAK,HB-RAO
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926

OY-AFWType: Taylor J-2 Cub
c/n: S.559
First flight:
History: (1961) OY-AFW
Where & when: EHRD 19760926 L30

PH-ALMType: Piper L-18C-PI Super Cub
c/n: 18- 3179
First flight:
History: 53-4779,OL-L105,R-81,(11.67) PH-ALM,SX-AIZ
Where & when: EHRD 19760522,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19790529,>EHRD 19800510,EHTE 19810625;
 PH-AVEType: Piper L-21B-PI Super Cub
c/n: 18- 3856
First flight:
History: 54-2456,R-166,(8.76) PH-AVE,WO 19820505, hangar fire Seppe
Where & when: EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19770923,EHRD 19780604,EHSE 19810719 (BO20);
 PH-BUSType: PA.24-250 Comanche
c/n: 24-3551
First flight:
History: N8306P,D-ELPY,PH-BUS,>
Where & when: EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M21
 G-AXFAType: PA.27
c/n: 27-4177
First flight:
History: N6837Y,G-AXFA,>
Where & when: EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19770518 S27,EGKK 19780912

G-ASSWType: Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee
c/n: 28-20055
First flight:
History: G-ASSW
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926,EHRD(1) 19780612
 PH-BASType: PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain
c/n: 31-7305043
First flight:
History: N74909,(D-IDIK),OE-FMG,PH-BAS
Where & when: EHRD 19740508,EHRD 19740701,EHRD 19750204,EHRD 19750328,EHRD 19750521,EHRD 19750702,EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19750803,EHRD 19750806,EHRD 19760419 G36,EHRD 19760522,EHRD 19760925,EHAM 19760806,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19771101,EHRD 19780603,EHRD(1) 19800513

PH-OTHType: Piper PA.31 350 Navajo Chieftain
c/n: 31-7552075
First flight: built 1975
History: see 9H-FMH
Where & when: EHRD 19760330,EHRD 19760419,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760728,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19800913 BI10
 PH-BABType: Piper PA.31 350 Navajo Chieftain
c/n: 31-7552084
First flight:
History: N59999,PH-BAB
Where & when: EHRD 19760330,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M19
 PH-BAAType: Piper PA.31 350 Navajo Chieftain
c/n: 31-7652162
First flight:
History: N62909,PH-BAA,(N805PC),C-GBHM??
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M22
 PH-NASType: Piper PA.31P 425 Pressurized Navajo
c/n: 31P-7400216
First flight:
History: see N905PC
Where & when: EHRD 19750328,EHRD 19750517,EHRD 19750630,EHRD 19750702,EHRD 19750802,EHRD 19750803,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M20,EHRD 19800823
 PH-IVPType: Piper PA.34 200T Seneca II
c/n: 34-7670281
First flight:
History: N6830J,(197607)PH-IVP,>.
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19770503,EHRD 19781021 AR12,EHRD 19790228,EHSE 19810719 (BO26);

F-PVQBType: Potez-Jacques Delattre JD.60 Sauterelle
c/n: 1
First flight:
History: F-PVQB
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926,EHRD 19780602

PH-UEGType: Saab SB 91A Safir
c/n: 91-143
First flight:
History: (195010)PH-UEG,(SE-BNS ntu),PH-UEG
Where & when: EHRD 19750401,EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926 M11,EHRD 19780602
c/n: 6S-683528
First flight:
History: PM631[G]
Where & when: EHRD 19760925,EHRD 19760926

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