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This log contains those aircraft that I was able to log when visiting this location.
When I was able to take (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
If applicable the four letter ICAO code of that day is used.

Location: Rotterdam Apt Zestienhoven
Date: 1978-08-24
Time: 12:30-14:15

Photo Registration Details
 PH-BNHType: Beechcraft F.33C Bonanza
c/n: CJ-137
First flight:
History: PH-BNH
Where & when: EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19790307 AV14,>EHVB 19840526

F-GAOUType: Robin DR400/160 Chevalier
c/n: 1226
First flight: built 1977
History: (197706)F-GAOU,(C)
Where & when: EHRD 19780824
 G-AWUXType: Reims/Cessna F.172H Skyhawk
c/n: 0577
First flight:
History: G-AWUX
Where & when: EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19790405
 PH-TGZType: Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk
c/n: 0920
First flight:
History: (197212)PH-TGZ,G-BKIJ
Where & when: EHRD(1) 19760303,EHRD 19771130,EHRD 19771202,EHRD(2) 19780301,EHRD 19780824,EHRD(1) 19781030 AR33
 PH-TWYType: Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk
c/n: 1513
First flight:
History: PH-TWY
Where & when: EHRD 19780824,EHLE 20030906,EHLE 20050827

G-AZVYType: Cessna 310Q
c/n: 310Q-0040
First flight: built 1969
History: N7540Q,SE-FKY,G-AZVY,(200503)G-EGEE (CoA exp. 200803)
Where & when: EHRD 19770517,EHRD 19770518 S32,EHRD 19780824 AK29,EHRD 19780825,EHRD(1) 19790222,EHRD(2) 19790222
 G-BAXHType: Cessna 310Q
c/n: 310Q-0609
First flight:
History: N7604Q,G-BAUG(?),(197305)G-BAXH,dereg. 199111
Where & when: EHRD 19770525 T22,EHRD 19780222,EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19780825
 G-BAGOType: Cessna 421B Golden Eagle
c/n: 421B-0356
First flight:
History: N7613Q,G-BAGO
Where & when: EHRD 19750521,EHRD 19751223,EHRD(1) 19760303,EHRD 19780824
 PH-SIXType: Fokker 28 Fellowship 6088
c/n: 11092
First flight:
Where & when: xLFPB 19770611,LFPB 19770612,EHRD 19771020,EHAM 19771116,EHRD 19780523,EHRD 19780531,EHRD 19780602,EHRD 19780605,EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19780901,EGLL 19780904,EHRD(2) 19781005,EHRD 19781015,EHRD(3) 19781016,EHRD 19781017,EHRD 19781019,EHRD 19781024,EHRD 19781027,EHRD 19781104,EHRD 19781108,EHRD(1) 19781130,EHRD 19781214,EHRD 19790118,EHAM 19790209
 PH-ILFType: Dassault Falcon 20
c/n: 147
First flight:
History: F-WLCU,PH-ILF,D-CCNA,PH-ILF,N41154,N183GA
Where & when: EHRD 19740508,EHRD 19780824
 G-BEYEType: Handley Page HPR-7 Dart Herald 401
c/n: 172
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD(1) 19780821,EHRD(2) 19780821,EHRD 19780809,EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19780921,EHRD(3) 19781005,EHRD 19781010,EHRD 19781015,EHRD(3) 19781016,EHRD 19781021
 G-BEBBType: Handley Page HPR-7 Dart Herald 214
c/n: 186
First flight:
History: PP-SDH,G-BEBB,9Q-...,G-CEAS
Where & when: EHRD 19770519,EHRD 19771108,EHRD 19780307,EHRD(2) 19780427,EHRD 19780503,EHRD 19780512,EHRD 19780516,EHRD 19780523,EHRD(1) 19780612,EHRD(2) 19780616,EHRD 19780816,EHRD(2) 19780821,EHRD 19780824,EGMC 19780913,EHRD 19780929,EHRD 19781003,EHRD 19781013,EHRD(2) 19781020,EHRD(1) 19790223,EHRD 19790406,EHRD 19790418,EHRD(1) 19800212,EHRD(1) 19800513,EHRD 19800521,EHRD 19800526
 G-AVJJType: Piper PA.30 160 Twin Comanche B
c/n: 30-1420
First flight:
History: N8285Y,G-AVJJ
Where & when: EHRD 19780824

G-BBDRType: Piper PA.31 300 Navajo
c/n: 31- 56
First flight:
Where & when: EHRD 19740614,EHRD 19740701,EHRD 19751022,EHRD 19751023,EHRD 19771013,EHRD 19771019,EHRD 19780124,EHRD 19780125,EHRD 19780302,EHRD 19780331,EHRD 19780426,EHRD 19780516,EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19780825,EHRD 19781015,EHRD(1) 19781016,EHRD(2) 19781016,EHRD 19781026,EHRD 19781027 AR28

G-BAVMType: PA.31
c/n: 31-7305029
First flight:
History: >G-IFTA
Where & when: EHRD 19780824 AK30
 G-ATTYType: PA.32-260
c/n: 32- 460
First flight:
History: G-ATTY,G-RAYE
Where & when: EHRD 19760522,EHRD 19770503,EHRD 19771111,EHRD 19780203,EHRD 19780824,EHRD 19790429,EHRD 19790916 BB08,EHRD 19800722

F-BPIJType: Piper PA.32 300 Cherokee Six
c/n: 32-40451
First flight:
History: N4134R,F-BPIJ,F-OJIJ
Where & when: EHRD 19780824 AK28,EHRD 19780825

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