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Log: Malaga Apt
Date: 2014-12-16
Time: 09:00-10:45

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This log contains sightings of aircraft that I spotted while at this location.
When I was able to make (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
The four letter ICAO code is used when applicable.

G-EZFPOperator: Easyjet
Type: Airbus Industrie A319-111
c/n: 4087
First flight: 20091026
History: D-AVYX,(200911)G-EZFP
Where & when: EHAM 20130719, LEMG 20141216
HB-JYAOperator: Easyjet
Type: Airbus Industrie A320-214
c/n: 4250
First flight: built 2010
History: F-WWIF,(201004)G-EZTW,(201201)HB-JYA
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
G-EZWAOperator: Easyjet
Type: Airbus Industrie A320-214
c/n: 5201
First flight: 20120620
History: D-AVVQ,(201206)G-EZWA
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
c/n: BA-6
First flight: built 1955
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
EC-GHZOperator: Serv.Urgencias Canario
Type: Beechcraft 200 Super King Air
c/n: BB- 555
First flight: built 1979
History: (197908)D-IFOR,(199607)EC-GHZ
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
PH-XRDOperator: Transavia
Type: Boeing 737-7K2 & 7K2/W
c/n: 30659
First flight: 20030519
History: (200305),(200306)PH-XRD,(200603)7K2>7K2/W
Where & when: EHAM(1) 20030911, EHAM(1) 20031007, EHRD 20050316, LIRP 20090801, EHAM 20090801, LEMG 20141216, EHAM 20140803
EI-DLOOperator: RyanAir
Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
c/n: 34178
First flight: built 2006
History: (200604)EI-DLO
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
OO-JPTOperator: Jetairfly
Type: Boeing 737-8K5
c/n: 34691
First flight: 20070413
History: (200704)D-ATUA,(200806)G-FDZO,(200906)CN-RPF,(201203)OO-JPT
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
G-TAWROperator: Thomson AW
Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
c/n: 37256
First flight: 20130402
History: (201304)G-TAWR
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
PH-HSIOperator: Transavia
Type: Boeing 737-82R/W
c/n: 42148
First flight: 20130329
History: N5573B,(201304)PH-HSI
Where & when: LEMG 20141216, EHAM 20141216, EHAM 20160313
G-VVPAOperator: TAG Avtn
Type: CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604
c/n: 5612
First flight: built 2005
History: C-FEPN,(2005)OE-IPK,(200802)G-VVPA
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
HB-JGPOperator: ExecuJet
Type: BD-700-1A10 Global Express
c/n: 9238
First flight: built 2007
History: (200702)C-FLLN,(200802)HB-JGP
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
EC-EMHType: Cessna 402B
c/n: 402B-0534
First flight:
History: N101GP,(198902)EC-EMH
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
EC-FPAType: Cessna 421B Golden Eagle
c/n: 421B-0530
First flight:
History: STO 201103 LEMG
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
VP-BDSType: Cessna 525 CitationJet
c/n: 525-0180
First flight: built 1997
History: N123AV,(200002)VP-BDS
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
9A-DWAOperator: Winair
Type: Cessna 525A Citation CJ2+
c/n: 525A-0412
First flight:
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
OH-VKNOperator: ex Kar Air
Type: Convair CV-440-75
c/n: 503
First flight: built 1958
History: (195802)SE-BSY,WFU 197512,(197603)A2-BSY,(197605)ZS-JVO,(1978)A2-ABH,(197908)N8042W,STO 200005 Carlsbad,PRE 2010? LEMZ “OH-VKN”
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
N9890AType: DH104 Dove 7A
c/n: 04535
First flight: built 1964
History: (196405)CN-MBB,(1978)N9890A,WFU 1979? To fire dump LEMG
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
P4-BFYOperator: Best Fly
Type: Gulfstream G550
c/n: 5418
First flight: built 2013
History: N418GA,(201307)N550GA,(201409)P4-BFY
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
EC-CGOOperator: ex Iberia
Type: DC9-30
c/n: 47640
First flight: built 1974
History: (197407)EC-CGO,PRE (nose) LEMG
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
Operator: Grup Air Med
Type: Partenavia 68B Victor
First flight:
History: either EC-IMV,IOD or ITV
Where & when: LEMG 20141216
N500Type: Piper PA-31T
c/n: 31T-7920094
First flight:
Where & when: LEMG 20141216