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Log: Istanbul – Haliç Hidroport
ICAO code:
Date: 2015-05-09
Time: 11:20-11:25

This log contains sightings of aircraft that I spotted while at this location.
When I was able to make (some) pictures, these are included too, no matter the quality.
The four letter ICAO code is used when applicable.

TC-KEUOperator: Burulas Havacilik
Type: Cessna 208 Caravan
c/n: 208-00317
First flight: built 2000
History: N52234,(200003)TC-KEU
Where & when: Istanbul Haliç 20140422, Istanbul Haliç 20140423, Istanbul Haliç 20150509
TC-SBUOperator: Seabird AL
Type: DHC6-300
c/n: 321
First flight: 197107
History: (197107)CF-MPN,C-FMPN,(199904)C-GBBU,199911)8Q-MAL,(200212)C-GBBU,(200302)8q-MAL,(201005)C-GLKB,(201308)TC-SBU
Where & when: Istanbul Haliç 20150509
TC-SBCOperator: Seabird AL
Type: DHC6-300
c/n: 464
First flight:
History: C-GNXH,N92WF,C-GNXH,SE-GED,D-IKST,(198806)N706PV,(199303)C-FPOO,(199305)P2-MBL,(199705)C-FPOO,(199709)8Q-MAE,(200005)C-GPOQ,(201312)TC-SBC
Where & when: Istanbul Haliç 20150509